Where and Why Facebook “People You May Know” suggestion comes?

facebook people you may know

In Facebook, “People You May Know” is like a tool that comes on the Facebook interface with other Facebook users’ profiles. However, you may find this caption in two places of your Facebook, such as in the middle-side widget of the news feed and friends’ subjection. It means that it will remind you of some other people that you can add to your friend list when you see friends on Facebook. But you may ask for a question about why Facebook recommends this option. This article is for you to provide you right and necessary information on this question.

What are Facebook’s “People You May Know” suggestions?        

Facebook “People You May Know” suggestion is a conversational feature of Facebook. It brings the feature to help users connect to more friends, especially those you do not know on Facebook. Some Facebook users like to add people to their Facebook account. Some people also want to turn this suggestion off because sometimes it becomes annoying. Here, the suggestion comes according to your Facebook friends’ friends, searching subjects, and other matters. Besides, the people who are following you on Facebook or other social media sites may appear on this suggestion. Sometimes it seems that we find some people on the suggestion that we want to add to our account.

How do you get Facebook “People You May Know”?

Facebook “People You May Know” suggestion is a harmless one. It is like an invitation to a party where many people come. However, some questions appear in mind about how it works, from where the suggestions come, etc. Now I am going to answer them.

How does Facebook gather information from you to provide this suggestion?

The option “People you may know” help you to connect with many people on Facebook. However, this suggestion may show many people who are known or unknown to you. Some of them are the people you want to make friends with. People, You May Know suggestion can contain the people who are the friends of your friends or people in the same area or network, etc. However, these suggestions come from matters like:

  • Common friends. Most of the suggestions come because of this matter.
  • Facebook uses your information and networks to find people of the same system or data.
  • Besides, Facebook also provides suggestions from your activities such as joining groups, posts, or photos you have been tagged, your search result, etc.
  • Moreover, if someone uploads their contacts that include your phone number, email, and friend’s suggestions.

Are you get friend suggestions based on your location or phone contacts, or third-party app?

If you have some friends at your location on Facebook, you may get some friend suggestions from the same area. It is a common factor. But officially, Facebook does not allow third-party sites to rank the People You May Know feature. Sometimes people use Tinder to stalk people on Facebook. But Facebook confirms that it does not bring people to the People You May Know suggestion who are searching for your name. But if you have somebody on your WhatsApp account, you can see them as the friend suggestions on People You May Know.

Yes, you can get People You May Know suggestions of the people of your Phone contacts. When apps get updated, you can unconsciously sync the phone contacts to your Messenger. And when you allow sync the phone contacts to your Facebook, you will get them as the suggestions on it.

Is it possible to turn off Facebook You May Know suggestions?

Indirectly, you can say yes to the answer to this question. When you block any person, You May Know will not show him as the friend’s suggestion. So, if you do not want to see particular people’s face, take a deep breath and start to block them from Facebook.

We see that we cannot remove the “People You May Know” suggestions permanently from Facebook. But it is possible to remove any suggestion or block the person.

How to manage information that is used for People You May Know

You can also manage your Facebook information to customize the People You May Know tools. For this, go to the Privacy settings and change it for the friend list. Set the limitation for people who can send you a friend request. Then you can manage the mobile number and email address that you have used in your FB account. Besides, you can adjust the email and phone number for them who can search for you with a number or email.

However, this suggestion tool of Facebook does not use your location, take info from the third-party app, and use search history to provide friend suggestions. Besides, you cannot know who is searching for you or visit your profile.

Where you find People You May Know on Facebook?

On Facebook, People You May Know suggestions come at the Find Friends page. Besides, you also find this suggestion in the middle of your news feed.

You may find people who are unknown to you as People You May Know.

It is impossible to meet some people who are not known to you as People You May Know suggestions. If you hide this option, you can still find it in some other places on your Facebook. Sometimes the wrong recommendation is an ordinary matter here. But, of course, there are some causes of this matter. Most of the suggestions come from common friends on Facebook. If you see that you get suggestions that are not mutual friends, you should remember that some of your friends like to keep their friend lists private. So, some suggestions do not show that they are friends of friends.

The real-life experience about “People You May Know” on Facebook.

Now I will share a real experience of mine about People You May Know suggestions on Facebook with you.

Once I find a person from the People You May knows suggestion while checking the suggestions. I thought that he is very familiar to me. But I cannot remember who he was. However, I send him a friend request for my curiosity. After several days, he accepted my request. Then we started chatting. After some days, we learned that we were friends at kindergarten school. It is amazing! After many years I found one of the best friends of my childhood. We recalled a lot of sweet memories. Now again, we are best friends. We also met each other. He does not live far from me. So, it is easy to meet with him. Not only that, we invite each other on special days.

Once we planned for a long tour. We went there in a microbus with our family members, and we enjoyed the time very much. Now I am happy to have such a friend in my life. MY family members also like him very much. It is only possible for the “Friend You May to Know” option of Facebook.

But all the experiences are not the better one.

Sometimes we face bad experience. It is not different in the case of Facebook’s “People You May Know” suggestion. Now I am sharing a bad experience that occurred from this suggestion. This bad experience is one of my varsity life close friend. Someone, a bad guy, sent a friend request to my friend. 

After some days later, this person behaved that he is a very gentle person. But he was a fraud. He tried to show his soreness. My friend trusted him and feel sorry for him. One day, the man said that he was in danger and needed some money immediately from gradual chatting. He also said that he wants to lend the money. However, my friend trusted him and lent him money. After receiving money, that person blocked my friend from his friend list. My friend tried to contact him but cannot. Actually, his Facebook ID was a fake one. As my friend gave that money from his project money, he suffered a lot later to manage the money. So, if you are not conscious of these fake people on Facebook, you may face such bad experiences. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook “People You May Know” suggestion

As we cannot stop having Facebook’s “People You May Know” suggestion, it will be better to know the benefits of these suggestions. Besides, it is essential to concern about the disadvantages or risks of this issue.

Like the advantages, you can find out the people and personalities who are familiar to you. Besides, you may glad to befriend them. In most cases, we find the people near your location or friends of your friends or related to your educational institutions. So, it is an ordinary matter that you meet a lot of people who are known to you. Sometimes it surprises us that we get the expected person for whom we do a lot of searches. So, it is the best side of the People You May Know suggestion.

Now learn the disadvantages.

Some fake people use fake names, places, and other information to create a Facebook account. It is an ordinary matter to have such people in the list of “People You May Know” suggestions. Besides, it is common for us to accept or add someone from this suggestion. Moreover, we send some friend requests from these suggestions mistakenly. However, those who are the face and have something bad in their mind can irritate us. A person can send you continuous messages, calls, or annoying pictures. It is one type of harassment. If you face some experiences like this, you must block those people immediately. Do not share your sensitive personal information on Facebook. Always try to share as little as it is possible. Thus, the bad guys cannot take a chance to irritate you.

If possible, you can avoid providing a real location or phone number on Facebook.

That does not mean you are using a fake ID. It is for avoiding any bad experience in virtual life. We learn that sharing less personal information is better for harm-free virtual life from the study. So, you can follow this.

You see that Facebook People You May Know is a suggestion tool that cannot be removed permanently. I think the device helps find out some people we want to add as a friend. Try to provide the necessary information on this topic. I hope it will be helpful for you. If you use your Facebook with concern, you may not face any problem with this suggestion and find that it is a useful feature.


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