How Has Gaming Changed the Face of Online Casinos

Face of Online Casinos

Gaming has been around from time immemorial, but in the recent past, this industry has transformed a lot of sectors, that include online casinos.

Today, gaming has grown hugely, and in America for example, close to two-thirds of households have a regular gamer. This is according to a study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association

Additionally, a lot of players from countries in Europe and Asia have joined this industry in a huge number. Brick and mortar casinos have been around for many years, and online casinos are fast becoming a household name. 

Although there are many reasons that have led to an upsurge of online casinos, one such reason is their ability to incorporate different features and aspects in their games. 

Below are four ways through which online casinos and normal gaming have become interconnected.

Themed Slot Machines

This is the number one reason in this article, given their popularity as the most common types of games found on online casinos games.  Some of these games are easily accessible from websites like Deluxe Casino Bonus

Nowadays, it’s common to see online-themed games that look like a real replica of games from the traditional gaming world. Some good examples of such games include Resident Evil slots, Counter-Strike slots, and Call of Duty slots.


Video Game Gambling Machines (VGMs)

If you want to try out skills-based video game gambling machines (VGMs), you can easily find them at some land-based casinos.  In the near future, there is a huge possibility of these games appearing on online casinos.

A few companies like GameCo have come on board, and in 2016, the company created its first VGM, which was designed for Caesars Atlantic City. The main aim of this machine was to bring unity between gaming and gambling. 

Quoting the co-founder and CEO of the company, Blaine Graboyes, “I spent my summers growing up playing video games at the arcade on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City… Our goal is to create a VIP experience for gamers and the casino is the perfect destination,” he said.”

eSpots Betting

Our first example reveals how best gaming has influenced gambling. However, is there a way in which gambling has influenced gaming? 

Well, there is a good example that we can look at, and this is eSports betting.  This category of gaming has grown tremendously, and today, it’s as huge as eSports itself. 

If you come across a type of sport, it’s almost a guarantee that there is some form of betting involved. With eSports, there is all manner of speculation, and its unpredictable nature makes the game quite exciting. eSports is almost like real sports, which explains the reasons online casinos consider it as part of their services.

eSports betting is growing at a high rate, and it’s projected to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. This will also bring an ultimate connection between sports betting, and eSports.

Gambling Games for PS4 and Xbox

Manufacturers have already created many types of gambling-style games that are suitable for gaming consoles. This is another example of how gaming has had effects on gambling.

A good example in this section is Pure Hold’em game, this game has recorded huge success with players using PS4 and Xbox One.  Additionally, the Four King Casino & Slots is quite popular among PS4 players. For a game like Casino Nights, tremendous reception has been witnessed among Xbox 360 players.

PS4 and Xbox

With these games, a player can transform from a gaming console to a virtual casino. It’s possible for a player to walk and sit at a roulette or blackjack table, the same way it happens in a real Vegas casino. These casino-themed games are very realistic, which makes them quite popular among players.

From what we have seen, there is a huge correlation between gaming and online casinos. In general, it seems the best way to be successful in gaming is by choosing to work with what excites you, rather than trying a game because everyone else is playing it. 

So if you plan to become a pro-gamer, find what you enjoy playing and practice as hard as you can. Maybe one day you’ll be able to join a tournament and win some good price. Good luck!

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