Adam Ferrari, Ferrari Energy Founder, Explains 7 Reasons Why Every Leader Needs to Learn to Walk Away

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Quitting is sometimes treated as a “dirty word” when talking about business. However, this thinking is partially archaic and can hold you back from the success you crave. In this article, Adam Ferrari, Ferrari Energy founder, explains the main reasons as to how quitting can be beneficial in certain situations. He encourages professionals to steer clear of the proverbial sinking ship in order to reach their fullest potential. Here are the reasons why every leader needs to learn to Walk Away.

You Are No Longer Compelled 

There was likely a day when you were passionate about the work you did. But now, the magic has just faded away. What used to be dreams of success have turned into negative associations. This doesn’t mean you’ve failed—it means your interests have shifted. Trust your visions, and learn to Walk Away.

Your Body Is Failing You 

High levels of stress can contribute to aches, pains, and low energy. If your body is telling you that the work you do is no longer productive, it’s time to listen to that intuition and learn to Walk Away. Continuing on the path of high stress is never suitable for anyone, especially those unhappy in their line of work. 

Disinterest Has Set In 

Maybe you used to get pumped up about keeping up with industry trends and evaluating best practices in your line of work. Yet today, you just don’t care. That doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know; it just means that your heart is no longer in it. 

The Money 

Ah, the almighty factor: the money. Maybe your industry has shifted, and there is no more money to be had, or perhaps you’ve just reached your cap. Even if you like your job or business, there is no shame in walking away to pursue a better lifestyle. You shouldn’t have to burden yourself with financial worries if there are better opportunities out there. 

You Dislike Your Coworkers 

Every workplace environment is different. Some company cultures are highly engaging and fun, while others are boring and constrictive. As a leader, it’s your duty to be filled up by those around you. If you are experiencing drainage, it’s time to get out – and fast. 

You’re Complaining 

Not only does complaining negatively affect your well-being, but it also takes a toll on those around you. Is it even worth it if you are bringing your work home and unloading on loved ones and friends? Leave the complaining to the unhappy folks out there. You can and should rise above it!

Everything Feels Hard 

Are you snoozing your alarm in the morning? Need six cups of coffee to get out the door? Losing focus while responding to emails? These are all mere symptoms of a larger problem: you don’t like what you’re doing. While work should be challenging, it shouldn’t be a chore. Make a shift and find something that ignites a fire in you every day

Real leaders know when to walk away. There is no shame in quitting something that doesn’t bring value to your life. If you feel like it’s time to make a change, then your intuition is probably right! 


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