Examples Of Artificial Intelligence And It’s Future

examples of artificial intelligence

The entire world is debating about the future result of Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is proceeding to shape our future fast and reliable. As a result, we are running into a vast number of examples of artificial intelligence. 


So AI is now in our hands, such as smartphones, smart cars, drones, smart home accessories, etc. By the way, these few examples are not enough as we are playing with AI nowadays. 


Hence, today we will talk about the examples of artificial intelligence and its bright future. Let’s do it!


Definition of Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad niche of computer science and technology that can think and mimic like humans. It can multitask and perform tasks that need human intelligence.”

Furthermore, It is growing with high demand every day. Scientists have been studying artificial intelligence (AI) for decades. The history of Artificial Intelligence is rising.  



Besides, AI can do things linked with intelligent beings like robots. Artificial intelligence has made it easier to perform a task. An AI-enabled machine can multitask and cut down the pressure of any other staff.


Then, AI can run 24/7 without any stops, and it has no downtime. As well as this enables industries to do mass inventions. Therefore, it is smarter and faster regarding the decision-making process.


Although AI has limitations and drawbacks too, the benefits surpass the drawbacks. Some say Artificial Intelligence is making humans lazy creatures. 

Because humans are being used to adapt to automation. As well as people are getting used to new creations. Which can cause a problem for future generations.

AI-based robots are taking some kinds of repetitive tasks, and humans are losing their jobs. As it has no emotions, so people are worried about their future.

However, scientists say that we have nothing to worry about AI. If we can use this teaching properly, then the world will progress very fast. 


Types of Artificial Intelligence

Although there are vast examples of artificial intelligence available nowadays. But all these fall into four categories: limited memory, the theory of mind, reactive machines, and self-awareness. We are coming to our main topic next to this. 


1.Limited Memory

Limited memory can store its past activities. After that, using these past data, it can do its work automatically. For example, we can talk about self-driving cars as it is using this technology. 

Usually, it observes the speed and motion of a vehicle for a while. By the way, it needs time to monitor all the input data. 

After all the review, we program self-driving cars using data—for instance, lane markings, traffic lights, and all the other elements of a road. 

However, this example of storing data is temporary, and the car’s library doesn’t save them. 


2.The Theory of Mind

The theory of mind is something future-oriented. Because this theory will make a vast difference between today’s machines and the machines will see in the future. Machines will be advanced, and they will depict the word to other agents. 

This theory is being called the theory of mind. The motives of this theory are to make people understand creatures and other objects. It will be hard to build AI systems without knowing the motives and intentions. 


3.Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are the most common kinds of artificial intelligence. 

Deep Blue can catch pieces from a chessboard and decide which one should move next. Besides, you can make predictions by using this method. 

So, the prediction will be exact and trusty to reach any decisions. However, The idea does not have any memory from the past, and it can’t say anything happened before.  Deep Blue especially tends to forget its past. 

In addition, a few years ago, Google’s AlphaGo won over human Go experts, and it has a bright future. This type of system can make better AI over time. Besides, it is trustworthy, too, for our future. 


4.Self Awareness

The final fact of artificial intelligence that we will talk about is self-awareness. This type of AI can build presentations about themselves. So, we not only research them, but we also make a machine that makes the decision itself. 

This self-awareness is a little bit related to the theory of mind. By the way, the other name of self-awareness is sentience, and it knows its internal states. 

However, we might be far away from making self-aware machines. But we need to focus on this theory and make it progress. 


7 Mentionable Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

Here I will write some instances of AI and ML that we face in our day to day life. Some of us might not know that we are using AI, but actually, it is. So, let us go to the examples.  



Google’s AI Predictions

Google can predict traffic speed using location data from our phones. These features help us to avoid traffic jams and show us a faster way to move. Besides, it can offer you if any constructions and accidents are happening anywhere. 

However, to show this, Google’s AI-based maps need a massive amount of data. Besides, other tech firms are also creating some great examples of artificial intelligence.

Ridesharing such as Uber & Lyft

Have you ever thought about how Uber decides the fare of its taxi? How can they make short of your wait time whenever you hail a cab? The answer to these questions is Machine Learning (ML).

Engineer of Uber ATC Mr. Jeff told in an interview of how Uber is using ML to predict. Uber is using this technology for rides, food delivery on UberEATS, and assesses the pickup location. 

AI Autopilot in Commercial Flight

Airlines have been using AI for a long time. Their autopilot system is based on artificial intelligence from 1914. Reports published in the New York Times that the Boeing plane pilot just uses only 7 minutes for human-steering. 

And they only use it at the time of takeoff and landing. I guess you didn’t know that. 


Future of AI in Commuting

AI leads uprising for the future and that will drive driverless cars. And a driverless car can reduce accidents up to 90% and make your road faster. Furthermore, a study stated that more ride-sharing cars would reduce 75% of cars on the road. 

These guesses will work when the self-driving car is available on the road.  Therefore, let’s locate other examples of artificial intelligence. 



Filtering Spam Mails

Many of us even do not know that email platforms use AI. We  notice there is a folder named Spam or Junk. 

The spam filters some types of keywords that come from unknown sources. By the way, spammers are also smart nowadays.

So, they change that type of keywords and choose other types of keywords. Therefore, AI technology has to be smart too. As a result, ML comes in handy in that case.  ML learns from previous emails and updates its algorithm.  

Email Classifications

Google’s Gmail brought a feature called Email listing. So, this feature classifies your email into 4 lists. These lists are primary, social, promotion, and important. 

By the way, Google states its technology like machine learning near. They said that whenever a user gets a message consistently, the machine thinks it is a real-time increment.   

Besides, when a user marks his mail as necessary, Google keeps it in its algorithm. 


Future of AI on Email examples of artificial intelligence

Has your email id been given a reply automatically? Yes, Google launched this feature in 2015, and it is called the next-generation interface. 

Statistics show that 10% of replies from mail inbox were sent using smart responses. 

So, I can think about what will be the auto-reply rate in the future. Hence, the tech experts say email will send more complex auto-replies soon. 



Plagiarism Checking examples of artificial intelligence

If you are a blogger, you may hear about Grammarly. It is an AI-based tool that checks copy words and corrects your error. In addition, there is another tool like Turnitin. It is also famous for the different tutors to check plagiarism. 

Robo Readers

We all know that essay grading is so labor-intensive. It drives scientists to IT firms to make essay grading. Therefore, it usually uses at many competitive English testing exams. 

Also, Robo readers give a score based on writing. And here, the software uses artificial intelligence technology to decide the score. 

Future of AI in Education

AI is touching everywhere, as well as the education sector. As a result, it is growing towards the future. In the end, ML can identify which student is doing good and which is doing poorly. 

Therefore, we will see a lot of examples of artificial intelligence in the education platform soon. 

4.Baking and Finance

Mobile Check Deposits

Nowadays, most of the banks in the developed world accept deposits through mobile apps. So, there is no need to come directly to the bank. According to a study in 2014, most banks now rely on mobile and remote banking. 

In addition, the recent Covit-19 epidemic reminded us of how vital remote banking is. 

Fraud Prevention examples of artificial intelligence

It is too much pressure for humans to bear a vast translation everyday. But we have to keep an eye on fraudulent also. However, to solve this issue, Ai comes forward. A IT firm called FICO built credit ratings that prevent fraud.

Future of AI in Banking & Finance

Ask yourself that can a robot suggest to you where to invest and how to invest? Yes, it is already serving us in money firms like Wealthfront and Betterment. Soon, it will make the financial industry much better. 

  1. Social Networking


Did you get any notification that your face is matching somewhere? If not, then maybe you should enable the feature of Facebook. It detects the face wherever your picture is being uploaded. 

Facebook is using machine learning here, and it instantly catches your face.

Facebook begins artificial neural networks and machine learning that can mimic human brains. 

Pinterest examples of artificial intelligence

Pinterest is using a feature like a computer vision. Computer Vision is a technology that can like a human and identify objects. After that, it suggests its users use a similar pin or post. 

Pinterest uses another feature to block spamming, and this feature is based on ML.

6.Online Shopping

E-Commerce is now a multi-billion dollar market, and it is overgrowing. So, giant eCommerce sites like Amazon upgrade their search box using AI. For example, if you search on Amazon like the “best laptop,” it will give you some relevant search results. 

Also, you might sometimes see some guidance on products while browsing. You see these results because of AI. Usually, AI saves your browsing experiences and cookies. 

In the near future, online shopping can be more customized and fast.


Smartphone industries are great examples of artificial intelligence. For instance, we are regularly getting some smart services from smartphones. 

For example, voice-over text, personal assistant such as Google Assistant. Alexa, Echo, etc. In addition, we should mention Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri.  

To Conclude of examples of artificial intelligence,

We have just given a few examples of artificial intelligence. Whereas it has spread in all industries. Therefore, AI is now a basic part of our day to day life. Also, heavy industries gave attention to AI and ML-based robots for their daily repetitive work. 

Besides, AI is now in sports fields and helping to make accurate decisions. For instance, nowadays, professional chess players practice with AI-based chess engines. 

And these engines allow them to judge their actions. In short, we have dived into artificial intelligence, and we are going deeper day by day. 


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