Eric Reid Finally Signed a Contract with Panthers

NFL player Eric Reid


Eric Reid has finally signed a contract with NFL after 6 months of unemployment. On Thursday, Reid signed an agreement with the Carolina Panthers. Ian Rapoport for the NFL Network said the newly signed agreement is for one year and worth more than $1.9 million.

Reid is considered a hard-hitting player and famous for being shuffled around the 49ers’ depth chart to receive injuries and a better-than-average group of safeties. Eric Reid was a good player, either it was at free safety, powerful safety, or outside linebacker. He is one of those ignored during the offseason 2018.

The NFL player followed the lead of Colin Kaepernick at the start of May. He filed a complaint with the assistance of NFLPA and blamed NFL owners for not offering him a contract. Reid was the first supporter of a movement started by Kaepernick. The protests were showing players sat or knelt during the playing of the National Anthem. These were symbolic protests regarding systemic racism in the United States.

Eric Reid also admitted, he thought his participation in the protests obviously prevented him from having a fair shake from the owners of NFL. He continuously kneels down during a protest in 2017.

In early April, Eric Reid met with the owner of Bengals, Mike Brown. He instructed Reid not to involve in the protests during the national anthem. Reid formerly said he will not kneel after signing an agreement. He also met with the head coach Marvin Lewis.

The Panthers, fortunately, acknowledged skills of Reid and his dedication to the team. The 49ers were also looking to bring Reid back, but he selected to join the Panthers. The owner David Tepper also showed his support earlier this month for the right of players to protest.

The Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith informed ESPN, he was hoping the team will sign Reid. Smith said, “Reid is one of the best players around us. I know he is the guy to help this team. He deserves it, and it wasn’t correct what happened to him”.


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