How To Take Enviable Instagram Pics, If You Aren’t A Celebrity

Do You want to take some enviable Instagram pictures even though you aren’t a celebrity?

instagram rule of thirds
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Instagram is one of the most followed image sharing portals around the globe. As per the latest Statistics reports, in 2018 Instagram was hitting 1B users in a single month. So, you wonder how the celebrities are hitting millions of impressions and why not you?

This could be because you are not as famous as they are, so clearly don’t have that global audience, but also, you might not have been snapping the right images?

Do You want to take some enviable Instagram pictures even though you aren’t a celebrity?

Let’s dive into this and accumulate the factors which can help you to boost your popularity on Instagram.

Do not use flash; learn to use the natural light:

You may not be a professional when it comes to photography, and you won’t always have the stunning locations and lighting available that celebrities do, so a good tip, is to learn the right use of natural light.

Where possible try to avoid using the flash for capturing images, whilst the flash makes the images brighter, it can also highlight any blemishes, fine lines and interfere with atmospherical lightings such as fairy lights, neon signs or sunsets.

You need to learn that lighting is the foundation of photography and learn to use natural light in your favor.

The experts find the flash flatten the images, and wash out the entire soul of scenery. If you cannot step outside for clicking images, better capture images near windows.

Keep HDR Off

I have seen many novices capturing Instagram images with HDR ON. They find HDR can brighten up their images, and make them look presentable. But, it works otherwise.

The HDR is immensely hard to get right, even a pro photographer would think twice before clicking with HDR ON. HDR if not used properly can make the images excessively bright and unnatural. This feature is hard to understand as it takes several exposures of the same photo and tries to put all of them together in one image.

Guys, keep it simple, less is more when it comes to clicking the right images for social media, which could boost your stardom (kidding) on Instagram.


There is no solution of an image which is overexposed. You can brighten up an image that is too dark by using the right editing tools, do not simply use the Instagram editing tool, there are more proficient services out there.

Before clicking an Instagram image, adjust the lighting, slide your picture up and down to get the right exposure. If you want to prevent overexposing, tapping a finger on the brightest part of the frame can help you as well, neon signs for room

First, adjust the lighting on the frame and then snap a photo for Instagram.

The rule of thirds:

For a professional photographer or videographer, the rule of thumb is a well-known composition principle. This would be the simplest and easiest method to capture a balanced image.

So, follow the rule of thumb to get a right Instagram picture if you are not a celebrity.

The rule of thirds divides the frame into a 3×3 grid, and aligns the subjects and objects in the photo along with the grid lines, this helps you to get a balance between the three.

So, turn on the gridlines on your camera, and use them to follow the rule of thirds to align the image right.

Choosing the right backdrop

If you aren’t a celebrity, it’s difficult to gain further exposure than just your social circle alone, so the picture will need to be something quite extraordinary.

Either overloaded with cuteness. Think cute kittens, puppies, babies etc. Or something else quite striking. A spectacular landscape, special event or rare phenomenon can all lead to viral pictures.

If these are beyond your realms though, you call always snap a picture and add some poignant words. A picture with your child and a caption about a mothers/ fathers love could prove popular.

If all of your efforts fail though and you aren’t getting thousands of likes, don’t stress about it. Whilst these celebrities may have millions of adoring fans leaving wonderful compliments, they will also have their fair share of nasty trolls leaving unkind messages, so at least you won’t have to suffer that!


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