Elite Season 3: Everything You Should Know!

Elite Season 3: Everything You Should Know!

Elite Season 3

Elite series is a famous show on Netflix. However, Gossip girl meets an American horror story meets locked up abroad. Now I don’t mean there’s horror in the show. But it means it shows the aspects of how cruel and evil people really are, even teenagers.

That’s where gossip girl comes into play. Members of the elite, born with the birthright, and others struggling with their race, money, and are welcomed into the school on a scholarship by one of the rich parents. Locked up abroad comes into play with the drug/prison side of this Spanish Town. Anyone who loves drama, chaos, and sex, will love this TV show.

Overall this show has everything you want. Mystery, drama, romance, action, deceit, a storyline that makes sense. And it goes back and forth, so you know what is going to happen and you have to figure out what is going to lead us there.

The acting is brilliant. The plot is interesting however it doesn’t think this show focused much on the mystery/murder. But rather on the sex scenes and on making their characters appealing to keep the audience turned on.

Teenagers in this show act like their adults, which is quite annoying. Fans love how diverse the show is, including a Muslim boy that’s gay was original, to be honest.

However, some hate how Muslims are always portrayed as poor people with close-minded parents. Thus making the Muslim characters come across as “oppressed”. If you want to include Muslims in your TV show, at least don’t make them stereotypical. That’s so annoying.

The team is going to renew the series for the third season before airing season 2. However, Elite Season 3 will air in October 2020.


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