Elite Season 2: Netflix Just Revealed Its ‘September’ What’s Next Card!

Elite Season 2 To Superbad, Netflix Just Revealed Its ‘September’ What’s Next Card!

Elite Season 2

Finally, Elite season 2 is going to air by Netflix and it is 6th September 2019. It is a Spanish horror show about teenage girls. Gossip girl meets an American horror story meets locked up abroad. Now it doesn’t mean there’s horror in the show. But it shows the aspects of how cruel and evil people really are. Even teenagers.

That’s where gossip girl comes into play. Members of the elite, born with the birthright, and others struggling with their race, money, and are welcomed into the school on a scholarship by one of the rich parents.

More like cruel intentions than gossip girl, and actually; there is a character that looks very much like Sebastian Hastings. Overall this show has everything you want. Mystery, drama, romance, action, deceit, a storyline that makes sense. And it goes back and forth; so you know what is going to happen and you have to figure out what is going to lead us there in Elite Season 2. One thing hard is that it seems the voice and pictures are at different speeds.

As fans of the series may know that a pregnant girl named Marina who is 16 years old was killed by Polo. However, his boyfriend has seen his dead body but get away due to the fear of arrest by the police. Moreover, the brother of her boyfriend Samuel has found her body. Now he is now behind the bar. As he is arrested by the police in charge of murder.

However, the investigation is continuing by the police. And let’s see what will happen in Elite Season 2. Therefore, rush towards cinemas on 6th September to know the whole mystery.

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