Saturday, September 19, 2020

Fewer Females CEO’s In The US Worries Women’s Groups

The scarce presence of women in charge of the large corporations in the United States was dealt another blow with the resignation of PepsiCo...

August 6 is National Root Beer Day

Today marked National Root Beer Float Day and many venues offering root beer floats took part in the activity. A root beer float is...

Turkey responds to US “political conspiracy”

Turkey's central bank announced this morning a series of measures aimed at easing market concerns after the collapse of the pound, which the present...

US Senator Warns Against Increase in Airfare

US Airways Group announced that they were going to increase the airfare for flights from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. The increase is the fare is...

Koreas to meet for third summit: reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will welcome his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in September in Pyongyang, representatives of the two Koreas announced on Monday...
Economy of Japan

Current Global Economic Position of Japan

Japan is a member of the G7 and maintains the world’s 2nd largest developed economy. The country has a highly developed and market-oriented economy....

Airbnb Squatter also scamming Kickstarter

Maksym Pashanin, already making headlines for squatting in a California rental property is making headlines for scamming again. This scam is all about money...
sea treasures to Cantonese cuisines

From The Sea Treasures To Cantonese Cuisines And The Black Market

The sky-high demand for sea cucumbers has driven the harmful and illegal practice of poaching throughout the world.“The nutrient hubs sea cucumbers are a...

Swarms of Tiger Mosquitoes Attacking Jersey Residents

As if Hurricane Sandy didn’t pose enough of a problem, New Jersey residents now have to contend with a different kind of plague since...
U.S Ecomony

U.S Economy & Its Contribution in the Global Economic System

The United States has a mixed economy based on an economic system featuring both capitalism and socialism. This type of economic system allows securing...