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Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson is an American actor, who is also known as the Rock, as it is his ring name; he is also known as a professional wrestler and for his role in The Scorpion King.

He has received different awards over the years, like the Teen Choice Awards for movie villain and People Choice Award for Favorite Premium Cable Tv Actor.

Who Is Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson is a semi-retired professional wrestler and an actor. He was born in 1972, in Hayward, California, US. Dwayne Johnson’s age is 46 years.

Dwayne Johnson received his early education from Shepherd Glen Elementary School and went to high school in Honolulu, Hawaii. He started taking part in track and field and also the wrestling team.

Early Life & Childhood

He started playing football when he was at the University of Miami.

He made his debut in world wrestling in the year 1996, and was given the name Blue Chipper. He lost the Intercontinental Championship, but then took part in the Nation of Domination, and was successful there.

He started his acting career from a music video, called ‘It doesn’t matter’, but he was noticed for his small appearance in The Mummy.

Dwayne Johnson’s Movies
  • He appeared for the first as The Scorpion King; it was a brief appearance in the movie The Mummy Returns
  • Then he came in movie like the Scorpion King, The Rundown and Walking Tail
  • He achieved fame from Pain & Gain
  • His reprising role in Fast & Furious 6 didn’t go unnoticed, because he played a really different role
  • Empire State was also a different movie for Dwayne Johnson
  • He also starred in Hercules, released in 2014
  • His recent movies include Baywatch and Jumanji
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Dwayne Johnson’s Upcoming Movies

Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movies include Fighting with my family, which will be released this year. He will also act in the sequel of the Jumanji film, which has not been tiled but is expected to release in 2019. He is also going to star in Jungle Cruise, which is also set to release in 2019. He is also set to appear in the last film of the Fast and the Furious series, which will be the tenth film, expected to release in 2021.

Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth

He is a famous wrestler and then an actor, known for his action roles in movies. Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is $220 million.


Dwayne Johnson’s, Height and Weight
  • Dwayne Johnson’s weight is 118 kg.
  • Dwayne Johnson’s height is 1.96m.
Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram

The handle of Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram account is the Rock, because that is what people know him and love him as. He has 129m followers and is active on Instagram as well.

People still see him as a wrestler, who can act well in action movies. When people see him in action in movies, they feel excited, because of his charm.


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