September 24, 2018

Don’t miss to watch upcoming episode of “The Young and The Restless”

'The Young and The Restless

You might not need to miss the upcoming episode of “The Young and The Restless”, especially with the response of Phyllis (described by Gina Tognoni) to Billy (described by Jason Thompson) hanging over all of us. Right now, Billy doesn’t want a coordinator for his gambling habits, but it is obviously what Phyllis had turned into by accepting to his request for going along with him to a high-shares poker game.

Most fans have experienced that Billy had been lying until the episode of Thursday. He finally informed Phyllis that he has really been up to. He is top on his own victory level and it was the conclusion of sheer luck. He is expecting the neckband is only the beginning of his success.

Most of us found him beg and plead with Sinead (described by Lira Kellerman) into getting him a seat at the poker game. It is an entire set-up by Kyle (described by Michael Mealor) and considered unfortunate for him. The outcome of Billy on “The Young and The Restless” is obviously sealed and it was discovered as he is going to take down Phyllis with him.

Phyllis doesn’t find anything wrong in the new passion of Billy, but it’s a hit by jealousy. She is also unaware of true intentions of Sinead and getting upset regarding the possible new sexy threat after closeness with her man.

On the other hand, Jack was described as Peter Bergman and it was entirely regarding getting to the bottom of the biggest mystery of his life. Dina was described as Marla Adams and one of the very few people knows the exact answer.

Point to be noted that Lily described as Christel Khalil spent her first night in jail. She spent a number of days and nights far from her family. You shouldn’t miss a chanced to watch the latest episode of “The Young and The Restless” on Friday via CBS.

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Tony Altidore

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Written by Tony Altidore

Janet Van der Wiel

Janet van der Wiel is a reporter for US Updates.  After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Janet got an internship at a local radio station and worked as a beat reporter and producer.  Janet has also worked as a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News. Janet covers economy and community events for US Updates.

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