Does Walmart Accept Google Pay Some Other Alternatives

does walmart accept google pay

Though Google Pay is one of the most popular payment methods worldwide, unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Google pay. If you do your daily shopping from Walmart, that’s bad news, but still, they have several payment options available right now except Google Pay.

Popular payment methods like PayPal, credit/visa/debit cards, American Express are available on the Walmart store. Apart from the fact that they have a payment service called Walmart pay, you can use that for payment.

However, as we said earlier, the answer is No; if you wonder, does Walmart accept Google pay. Though not having Google pay is a problem for most customers, we hope Walmart authority will add this option to Walmart stores as soon as possible.

Does Walmart accept Google pay?

Unfortunately not! Currently, Walmart has no option to pay through ‘Google pay.’ Walmart’s physical store & e-commerce site in both places are not accepting ‘Google Pay’ right now. But we expect the option will come very soon.

Apart from that, Walmart has a very similar kind of service called ‘Walmart pay.’ You can install that into your smartphone & then pay your bills and other payments.

Why is Walmart not accepting ‘Google Pay.’

Multiple reasons beyond this, but specifically, we can mention two or three.

First of all, having your payment method means more profit. What does that mean? It means if your company has its payment method, as ‘Google has google pay’ or ‘Walmart has Walmart pay,’ it adds more value to the company. Because you don’t have to pay any charge to another company, the money will stay in your pocket.

Second of all, Google pay is a newer edition, whereas the previous edition was Google wallet. It takes time to add a unique payment method to any shopping cart. The super shop already has a lot of patent methods from the beginning. So adding another payment method is now easy and time-consuming. 

Thirdly, Customizing offers service at any time. When you have your payment service, you can add any offer to that wallet at any time. But when the service is not yours. It’s a little complicated to set an offer service instantly. Except for this, you can see more reasons why Walmart is not using the Google pay service.

But it’s a matter of time to add Google pay service to the company. Though not using other payment services has some benefits, at the same time, it has many risks. What kind of risks?

Customer losing risk – As more customers are now preparing to Google pay, they get disappointed when they figure out that the company has no option for Google play.

Profit threat – Companies might lose some profit because of not having a popular payment service like Google pay.

Bad impression – When most people realize that the company is not connected to the popular payments service, it may create a wrong impression.

How to use Walmart Pay On Android?

Using Walmart pay app on Android or iPhone is way easier than any other method. You need a smartphone, a bank account (debit or credit option) to use this service.

Step 1: Download the ‘Walmart Pay’ app from the play store for android users and Appstore for iOS users.

Step 2: Then, give initial permission and information after installing the app.

Step 3: Now, add your debit or credit card account to your Walmart pay account. When the adding is completed, then you are allowed to pay through Walmart pay.

Walmart physical store – To purchase any product from Walmart with Walmart pay, take your preferable product. Scan the QR code for that product (you can get that on the back of the product packet). Now a page will come with the price and payment option. Select the password and pay.

Walmart online store – Same step for Walmart online store. In an online store, you have to select the preferable product. Then go to the payment option and choose Walmart pay. Give the necessary information and password. Finally, pay just with one click.

What are the Walmart payment methods?

Walmart has tons of payment methods right now. You can use any of them to pay the bill and service charge. Here are some standard payment methods that you can use in Walmart.

Walmart Money Card (Debit/ATM) – We have talked about this a lot lately. This is the easiest way to bill in Walmart. You just have to have the app and bank account.

Paypal – Paypal is another popular method to pay charges. It is another online payment service popular worldwide. Like other online payment services, you also need to connect your bank account with a PayPal card. After establishing a connection, you are allowed to pay any time. So the answer would be yes to the question: does Walmart accept PayPal?

Chase Pay – Chase is a famous American online payment service by Bank One. Both Android and iPhone are allowed to use this service. By scanning QR codes, you can quickly pay your bills. Most retailers and shops accept this.

Visa Card/ Mastercard/ American Express – Everyone knows about this method, and most of you already have this account. So it would be effortless to pay with your MasterCard, Visa card, or American Express card.

Amex Express Checkout – It’s only dead with register shops. So Walmart is one of their partners, and you are allowed to pay through this. 

What payment method is not allowed in Walmart?

As always, so many methods are not allowed here; you can also see some standard methods here. However, check this list and find out does Walmart accepts google pay or not?  

Apple Pay: Apple was similar to other mobile wallet services from Apple Inc. This one specially made for the Apple product user. It is easy to pay the bill while using any Apple product such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, or Apple watch. However, unfortunately, Walmart is currently not accepting that. 

Cash On Delivery: We believe everyone is aware of what is ‘Cash on delivery. In this method, you would pay just after getting the order. This is famous worldwide, but nobody knows why Walmart doesn’t have this good service. Other than that, they feel good to take money in advance for any order.

Layaway – If you are an American, you are probably perfectly aware of this service. Though the method of this service is nothing special, you need to pay before getting the product. Still, people love this because the service is secure. However, you wouldn’t be allowed to take this service in Walmart because they don’t have it yet.


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) – EBT probably started in 2004. You can find this all over America in every state. It is a service more like a debit card type. This is officially licensed and has a very good reputation. In this method, the retailer gets help; they get direct money in this service. Though most people have this card in their pocket, Walmart still doesn’t accept it. Hope they will accept me in the future.

Purchase Orders – People used to call PO, a legal document of purchase and registered by both seller and buyer. PO is not a very common and easy transaction, but yet it’s a good one. You can get this option in most retailers or super shops, but unfortunately, Walmart shut this offer down. Now that is not possible. However, they had tremendous options like pre-shipment credit, Post shipment credit, Foreign bill purchase, and follow-up.

Walmart Community and Business Card – This is so awkward that Walmart doesn’t take its own services. Walmart community and Business Card is their own card for purchase good for business. This card is mostly used by those who buy products from retailer sources. You and your seller both should have a unique code with different numbers. Because they already have one payment option called Walmart pay, they are not using this one publicly.

What stores accept Google Pay?

Though Walmart does not accept Google pay, tons of stores and service centers have accepted Google pay from the beginning. Here we showcase some of their names; maybe you recognize some of them.

Macdonald’s and other food sellers – Though they don’t have tons of paying method services, they accept Google pay. That’s good.

Nike – You all know Nike, right? Yes, you can pay through Google pay as well.

Walt Disney World – If you are thinking of visiting Walt Disney World this weekend, don’t worry about the payment methods cause they accept Google pay.

Giant Eagle – If you shop from Giant Eagle, you probably know that they have the Google play service. You Can take advantage.

Macy’s – Macy’s didn’t have this service a year ago. But now, they added this service to their business. 

Final thoughts

Not having Google pay is a big issue in a super shop like Walmart. But we hope you guys are not too worried about that. We have attached the list of what payment methods Walmart accepts and what they are not.

By the way, does Walmart accept Google pay? No, not yet. But soon you will get this service.


Q1: What is Google Pay?

Answer: Google play is simply a payment service by Google. In this service, you can pay through mobile, without any complexity like credit card or bank check payments. The most important thing about this service is that you can travel from anywhere through your smartphone. However, it’s well accept except in some places. 

Q2: Where is Google Pay accepted?

Answer: Places like supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies and millions of places accept Google Pay.

Q3: Can you get Cash off Google Pay?

Answer: The process of withdrawing money from Google Pay is pretty easy. You can simply transfer money to your desired bank and can get it within few days. 


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