Doctor Who Season 12 Air Date, Spoilers, Cast, LGBTQ+ Character To Return

Doctor Who Season 12 will be right back for season 12 with new doctors in 2020!

Doctor Who Season 12

Loving the new season with Jodi Whittaker. It’s definitely a fresh new spin on the series. Not only does it have the same comical relief we all have grown to cherish but it speaks on racism, equality and other very important messages in an easy to digest format great for adults and kids alike.

From the period of the beginning within the 60s, “Doctor Who” has introduced many changes within the mode, style of acting, and formation of the show. A number of these changes consist of introducing a fresh lady Doctor and along with it, LGBTQ+ character will also be added.

First LGBTQ+ Character in Doctor Who

Pearl Mackie was performing as Bill who was the First LGBTQ+ character in the series. But fans of Pear Mackie getting disappointed after having news that the Pearl was no there in season 11. And one more disappointing factor for fans is that she will also be not performing in the upcoming season 12. Fans will miss her in this season badly.

However, fans can hope for that she might appear in some next seasons after season 12. Because she will not leave the show forever. Therefore, it is good to hope for all that you may see her in some next sequels of “Doctor Who”.

First Female Doctor

Besides all, it was another a big hike for the fans a new entry of a female doctor first time in the show. Because you all who watched the previous season 11 may know that Jodie Whittaker was the 13th doctor in the season. She will also look back in season 12 again.

Doctor Who Trailer

As the show will be coming out in 2020 so it is at the developing stage. You may watch the official trailer of Doctor Who Season 12 later.

I will show you the trailer when it will be released officially on the same platform.


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