Different Types of Fashion Degrees







The fashion industry allows building a career for people with different talents and inclinations. 

  • If you are fond of arts and inventing clothes, then you can become a costume or fashion designer.
  • If you like to communicate with people, choose a profession of a fashion journalist or PR manager.
  • When you have organizational and business skills, create your own fashion brand and skillfully promote it

In-person and online fashion masters programs https://www.istitutomarangonimiami.com/masters-programs at Istituto Marangoni Miami will allow you to master any direction under the guidance of the most talented professionals in the fashion industry.

BFA, AAS, and MA Fashion Programs to Make a Brilliant Career

To lay the foundations for a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry, students are encouraged to master the following directions at the undergraduate level:

  • Fashion Business: knowledge of the full cycle of production and sale of fashionable clothes
  • Fashion Design: the ability to create new fashion trends
  • Fashion Styling: creating unique fashionable images

The institute offers students a curriculum designed to receive an AAS or BFA degree. The second option involves a more in-depth study of the chosen specialty and twice the volume of the educational program.

Subsequently, within the framework of fashion Masters programs, students will be able to more deeply and in detail master many specialized areas related to:

  • Luxury e-commerce
  • Fashion innovation
  • Digital communication
  • Fashion management

Get the Most Demanded Knowledge with Fashion Masters Programs

The Istituto Marangoni Masters program is focused on training specialists for the most advanced trends in the fashion industry. They are connected with rapidly developing e-commerce and digital communication. The rise of social media is forcing fashion brands to change their strategies in promoting their collections and learn new skills. 

The Marangoni Institute trains specialists who know the history of fashion very well, but who look confidently into the future. They are ready not only to accept its challenges, but also to offer their own creative vision of fashion.


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