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To first understand why they should ban Desktop Tower Defense, we need to know what it is for those who have no idea. Desktop Tower Defense is a flash game that has grown in popularity among many online gamers. A flash game or a browser game is a game that you play on the World Wide Web. To play the game, you can use some standard web technologies or even other browser plugs that allow you to game on the web easily. So, what is the Desktop Tower defense game?

If you happen to have played a tower defense game, then this is a similar game to other tower defense games, but it got a desktop theme to it. Flash games have grown in popularity among peers as they did start around 2001. The Desktop Tower Defense game development was first in the year 2007 by a developer called Paul Reece. The games have had several massive successes, and it has had over 15.7 million plays just after a few months of release. A few years later, there was a release of the game on a Nintendo version, where many players were able to even get their hands on. This game is a success among the flash games, and it’s also on the list of the top 10 entertainment applications. 


Gameplay refers to the plot, and the way you play a game and the Desktop Tower Defense has one of the best gameplays. The game is similar to other tower defense games, but the play is on a map that resembles an office desktop, which is why the name Desktop Tower Defense. This game is fantastic when you compare it to other games as it offers the players the ability to control the maze.

Players can place the towers on the same map where the enemies walk on, which was a significant improvement when you compare it to other tower defense games. 

So, with this game, the players have one primary task of stopping the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map. The enemies of this game are called the creeps, and they can access the playing field from any part. To stop them from reaching these points, a player must build or even upgrade the available towers so that they can shoot at and kill the creeps. The creeps, on the other hand, have improved with this Desktop Tower Defense game as they can easily take the shortest route available to get to the point they need to be. This challenge is what makes this game very interesting, and therefore the player has to make the very right decision in setting up the towers.

The other thing with building the towers or even upgrading one is that the player cannot make a tower inaccessible.

The creeps in this game often come in an enormous wave, and each wave of creeps has different characteristics than the previous. Some creeps are very immune to the defense towers; therefore, they easily go through them. Other creeps are extra resistant to certain towers and even have the ability to spawn more creeps. The other characteristic is that these creeps usually move faster than the regular creeps. There are some often tend to fly over the towers that you build compared to just following the map. The game offers you several rotations or levels that will be of a challenge. There is even a wave of creeps called the big boss waves, and they tend to take many hits to defeat.

All this is what makes this game very interesting and very addictive when playing.

If a creep manages to get to their goal, a player has a set number of lives, and they reduce each time a creep reaches the point. The number of lives a player has is what determines how long he will be able to last in the game. If the lives are over, then it’s inevitable that the game will come to an end. If you are new to this game, you can decide to choose the lowest level that is easy, and you can progress to hard if you are adjusting to the game. Also, there are some kinds of modes the game offers you if you like experiencing more challenges in the game. 

DESKTOP TOWER DEFENSE MODES.                                      

Just like most games, Desktop Tower Defense offers the players some challenging modes so that gamers can experience the game entirely. The common challenging modes in this game include the 3K Fixed modes. In this mode, the player task is building some fixed set of towers while just using a fixed number of gold.

If this gold gets depleted if you have not created the towers, yet you don’t gain anything even if you kill the creeps.

The other mode is the 100, in which a player has to defeat 100 levels of successively difficult creeps. There is a 5-minute mode where you, as a player, you will be challenged to how many waves you can defeat within five minutes. The speed mode is also challenging as you are not given any pause time in the beginning to build. There are wholly different kinds of modes that elevate the Desktop Tower Defense game from just a regular tower defense game. As time goes by, you can challenge yourself to play the different modes to be able to test your limit on the game.


The Desktop Tower Defense game, as we said earlier, is a flash game, and that means you can only play it on the web. If you happen to own a Nintendo Switch, then you can easily play it there. To play the game on a network, you will need to choose the right browser that supports flash, and that is either Chrome or Firefox.

After getting the correct browser, you will then need to search for the game in the search engine. There will be suggestions where you will play the game, and if you have enabled flash, you will now be able to play the game easily. The site like Kongregate will guide you on the keys that you will use to play the game. Just as simple as that, you will be able to easily get your hands on the game and start playing it.


So, why should this successful game and an exciting flash game that has gained so much success be banned? For many, the reason that this game should be banned is that it’s very addictive. 

You seem never to get enough of the game, and the levels are challenging and therefore require you to up your skill. Each time you start playing the game, you don’t want to leave your computer. The game has perfected this state of art behavioral psychology that always keeps you hooked on the game.

If you happen to stay long enough on the game, there is a chance you will experience a high amount of dopamine, and more exposure increases the level of stimulation. Once you get to a certain point of stimulus, there is a high chance that you will start experiencing some structural changes to your brain. 

There are several side effects that you get from continually playing video games, and they are both physical and emotional. The most common emotional symptoms of playing video games are the feeling of being restless. You get to a point where you don’t want to do anything generally.

Since the Desktop Tower Defense is so addictive, you always get preoccupied with the thought of the previous gaming.

Your thoughts might also get preoccupied with playing the next session, and this leaves less room for productive thoughts. The other thing is that you will start isolating yourself so much so that you can be playing the game. Isolation can lead to problems too, and these are some of the major issues that you go through with playing the Desktop Tower Defense game.

On the physical side, there are some adverse effects that addiction to this game can bring. 

Firstly you will start experiencing poor personal hygiene as you will not be doing anything other than playing the game. You can even experience some migraines because the game requires you to concentrate intensely. Fatigue is another big issue that you will probably face as you will be playing a lot and not having enough time to sleep.


Getting addicted to this game can result in several long term effects that certainly affect you as a gamer in the long run. Firstly there is a perfect correlation between gaming and depression, and that can result in gamers using antidepressants. Several side effects come from using antidepressants, which can be risky as you will again get addicted to them. The antidepressants also give you some withdrawal symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and dizziness.

You won’t be helping yourself much as it’s straightforward to again fall into more depression.

Since most gamers are trying to deal with the depression, then there is a chance that they may end up overdosing. Medical overdose is so common to people who are addicted to using the antidepressants.

Therefore it’s essential to be careful and take some time off from gaming to help you avoid addiction to the game. 

If you happen to be at this point of addiction, it is crucial to get some professional help, which can help you recover. The addiction to playing the Desktop Tower Defense game is so vital to just any other drug addiction. Most people tend to ignore this as they don’t know the effects that this can bring to them in the long run. There are several video game rehabilitation programs available, and you must take a step to ensure you get the help.


To conclude, we have established a bunch of things about the Desktop Tower Defense from what it is to why they need to ban it. This is a very addictive game, and if our kids start playing it at an early age, then there is a big chance that they can be in serious addiction problems.

The addiction or dopamine you get while playing this game is significant, and there is a need for a proper restriction. If you happen to know someone who is already addicted to the game, you must help him get the right help. Gaming addiction should not be ignored as it is similar just to drug addiction, and in the long run, it will cause the gamer a lot of trouble.


Why is there a need to ban the Desktop Tower Defense game?

The need to ban the game is a result of its addictiveness. The game offers the players lots of modes that are not easy to leave once you start playing. According to many players, they have said that the game is very addictive, and playing it for a long time can result in emotional and physical problems. Therefore, banning the game can help in reducing the chances of long term addiction effects on gamers.

Why is gaming addiction an issue in our society today?

Gaming is an exciting and recreational thing, but it can pose its challenges too. If you are a regular gamer, then there is a high chance that you can develop an addiction. Gaming addiction is no different from internet addiction or even drug addiction as they have the same symptoms. If you happen to be a gamer and you are addicted, it’s best advised you seek advice as it can lead to long term effects if not correctly taken care of.

How do you recover from gaming addiction?

Just as the regular drug addiction, you will first need to accept that you are addicted. To cure addiction, you will need to visit some game rehabilitation centers, which will help guide you from recovering.

Why is Desktop Tower Defense so popular?

Desktop Tower Defense is one of the most popular flash games today. Several things make the game popular from the challenging gameplay that will require you to be very keen. Also, different modes elevate this game, making it very unique and very addictive, which is why it’s popular. 



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