Derek Chauvin Convicted for Murdering George Floyd

Derek Chauvin Convicted for Murdering George Floyd

Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin faced conviction on Tuesday for murdering George Floyd. His sentencing is due on June 16 at 1:30 pm.

Court has alleged him with unintentional murder second degree, charges of manslaughter second degree, and third-degree murder.

The jail span for Derek Chauvin not yet decided

Chauvin could be experiencing 40 years of prison time due to the heinous crime he committed. However, the sentencing guidelines of Minnesota may give 15 years of jail time to him as he does not have any criminal record before this.

The accused former cop can appeal if he wants after he completes 90 days from the day of conviction.

Chauvin had a trial that was very high profile. He put George Floyd into the ground. Chauvin pushed his knees on the neck of Floyd. He was supposedly arresting Floyd on May 23, 2020. He kept his knee on him for 10 minutes and slowly saw him going out of breath. Floyd was begging the cop to let go as he was unable to breathe. Many onlookers recorded this unfortunate event.

Videos of George Floyd begging to let go triggered worldwide protests against racism

The videos became viral on the internet. There were protests against the police for murdering black people. The event not only triggered national outrage, but people all over the world called out to this racist killing.

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The Police Department of Minneapolis fired Derek Chauvin three days after the event took place. He was under arrest, and police charged him on May 29, 2020.

Jurors’ names under wraps as a court order

Jurors’ names are going to be under wraps for a minimum of six months. An order of such came on Friday. Although the court also said that if any member of the jury wants to talk about the case, they can do so. They will have no obligation and can talk to whoever they want.

No jury members have commented publicly about the Floyd case. However, an alternate jury member had spoken to Minneapolis KSTP TV, which has ABC affiliation.


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