Depression in College Students: Facts and Statistics


When you think about college life, especially if you are not a student anymore, there are mostly pleasant memories that fill you out. However, the rate of anxiety and depression in college as of now is overwhelming, and it keeps growing. The research states that within a group of five students, one is dealing with depression.

Many students may not even realize that there is a severe condition that their peers or friends are dealing with since depression is an invisible enemy. Today, we decided to bring your attention to the main factors that can and usually do trigger depression or anxiety, sometimes both. If you think that any mentioned point relates to you or to someone that you know, you should not leave the matter unattended and seek professional help. It is essential that you realize that depression rarely passes on its own, in the majority of cases, without timely and professional advice, the outcome is dire.

Pilling Assignments

It is true that you enter college to get an academic degree in a subject that you are interested mostly in. However, in the process, many additional subjects pile up, and you need to deal with them in time, too otherwise, your grades will go down. Some may say with access to the Internet and all the online sources that come in useful, modern students have all the means at hand. 

Nevertheless, the situation is rarely that simple, and when you are rushing to complete one task, it is easy to forget about the other, and that is when stress starts building up. To avoid that unnecessary stress, we suggest that you ensure the tasks on subjects that you do not major in to a reliable but cheap essay writing service like AffordablePapers. It is always better to let a professional writer finish the papers that are assigned but not that essential to you. In such a way, you will free up some additional time to devote to the matters that you care about, even if it is the rest that we are talking about.

Dangerous Technology

Most students can’t imagine their lives without their smartphones and social media. On the one hand, it may seem that there is nothing wrong with it during the era of technology that we live in. However, one of the recent studies proved that as many as 50% of students wake up in the middle of the night to answer the message they received. Is that a positive feature? Clearly not. 

That very same study proves that disrupted sleep is a poor-quality sleep. Students who do not sleep well are most prone to depression. What is the way out? The answer is simple – plan your online time and switch your smartphone off when you are going to sleep. Trust us, you will not lose anything if you answer that text in the morning, but you will gain a lot if you let yourself rest.

Stimulating Drugs

Well, those who have been there know that college is an adventurous journey, and almost every student tends to give a try to cigarettes, alcohol, and other lighter drugs. Even though these may lead to depression, we are talking about different medical but not less dangerous drug types. 

The fact is that simulative drugs are highly popular among both students as well as their parents. We are not talking about those with satisfactory grades but rather about those who are aiming at excellent grades at all the subjects. 

The truth is that simulative drugs are developed for people with certain conditions, and if you use them just to get through the exams, the downsides will come pouring. One of the main and the worst side-effects that such drugs can cause is, of course, depression. That is why it is best to gather your resources and study rather than put your hopes in a magic pill.


Let’s not forget that there are plenty of personal reasons that can trigger depression. Some students get too homesick, and they can’t get used to life on campus without those they love most. Also, one of the main reasons to feel depressed and left out for students is the unstable financial state or lack of means to follow the others. 

Besides, these days, many students think that they are never going to be good enough to become more successful than their parents. The list can go on. However, we need to figure out what to do about that. The truth is that in most cases, sharing your problems with someone you consider close to you is a great way out. 

Whenever you feel that there is something wrong, and there are no friends or family to talk to – seek out professional counseling. There are many free hotlines with certified specialists who will listen and help you cope with anything that you are facing at the moment.


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