Decorative Centerpieces Which Are Sure To Impress


Centerpieces made in Murano Glass Centerpieces are designed objects that do not go unnoticed. Plates and bowls can decorate the surface of every piece of furniture, adding a touch of color and style to the room. 

With their shiny colors and reflections, they are complementary to the furniture around them, making every visitor notice their sumptuous presence.

But more than for their aspect, your guests will be amazed by the history that lies behind these objects.

The Venetian city state grew and populated in the fifth century, as people fled the barbarian invasions to the safety of the islands. It flourished in the Middle Ages, becoming a highly successful trading port, where merchants traded treasures of many kinds. In this contamination of cultures, glassmakers from Byzantium and from the Middle East joined the original Venetian glassmakers, enriching their knowledge with their greater expertise.

Venice, AD 1200. After a series of frequent fires in the historical center, a decree made by the Doge forced all glassmakers to establish their activity on the nearby island of Murano. 

In this way, the Republic was able to control their activity and preserve the art that already made it world-famous, by impeding the master glassmakers to leave the island if not under special permits.

Their important know-how has been since then jealously transmitted from father to son, keeping secret the key of their ability as glassmakers. Today, Murano glass remains a popular art form, with many artists and designers creating unique and innovative pieces that combine traditional techniques with modern sensibilities. Murano glass is also a popular souvenir for tourists visiting Venice and the surrounding areas.

Each one of our plates and bowls collection is a unique piece of art made by hand. The journey of your centerpiece begins in the island of Murano, inside a furnace, in the so-called “piazza”, square. 

The master glassmaker is surrounded by servants and apprentices, and he has the task of continuously rotate ancient tools and expertly modifying the vitreous mass while it remains at 800 ºC (1472 ºF) at least. Meanwhile, the apprentices give the shape by blowing in hollow rods.

In a continuous combination of gestures and skills, in the piazza are created the amazing plates and bowls that decorate our houses, so beautiful in their essence that they could stand alone in a room and fill it with warmth and elegance. A unique symbol of the splendid city of Venice.

Despite its long and illustrious history, the Murano glass industry has faced many challenges over the years, including competition from cheaper, mass-produced glassware from other countries. In recent years, however, there has been a renewed interest in traditional crafts and handmade goods, and Murano glass has once again become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Scroll our catalog at YourMurano and let yourself be drawn by the colors that most attract you. 

Look at the shapes, find the piece that best fit with your furniture, and that’s all. You enriched the space conferring it a new aesthetic, a look that says beauty, classy, elegance, brightness and history.


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