David Miscavige Net Worth

David Miscavige Net Worth

American religious leader David Miscavige is the current Chairman of the Board of the International Church of Scientology. Since L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, he has remained the head of the divisive group. Miscavige may be one of the most influential people in the world. Yet no details regarding his life or fortune are available. That is why people are willing to learn about David Miscavige Net Worth.

David Miscavige Net Worth

David Miscavige is one of the most popular and wealthy religious leaders. Based on research using information from Wikipedia, Business Insider, and Forbes, we estimate that David Miscavige net worth is $1 million. Significantly, He was L. Ron Hubbard’s assistant and helped establish the Scientology religion.


In 1992, David Miscavige reported a very modest income of $62,683 on his tax filings to the Internal Revenue Service. Shelly, his wife, worked as an assistant for him and made $31,359. It is worth noting that both David and Shelly relied on commissions depending on the quantity of money raised to support their incomes. In addition, some made as much as $400,000 from the Church via commissions of around 10% of the total amount collected.

In the same document, the Church disclosed ownership of $400 million in assets. Also, Some of their possessions included a 440-foot sailboat named Freewinds, worth $15 million, and $3.5 million in gold bars.

Early Life

In Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, on April 30th, 1960, David Miscavige entered this world. Ronald and Loretta Miscavige, who raised him as a Roman Catholic in a Polish-Italian household, gave birth to him. Especially, He spent his childhood in New Jersey with his twin sister Denise and elder brother Ronald.

He participated in several sports as a kid despite having asthma and severe allergies. However, His dad was intrigued by Scientology, so he took his kid to visit one. In only 45 minutes of Dianetics, his father and Miscavige say, his son’s health issues vanished.

His parents became Scientologists while he was still a little lad. They ultimately settled at Saint Hill Manor, England, the Church’s administrative headquarters. Miscavige was the youngest professional Scientology auditor after being heavily active in the organization as a young man. They eventually settled in Philadelphia, where Miscavige enrolled in Maple Newtown High School.

He skipped high school and came to Clearwater, Florida, to join L. Ron Hubbard’s Sea Org. He eventually became a part of the prestigious Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO) for young Scientologists.


As early as the age of 12, David Miscavige was already leading auditing sessions for Scientology. At the age of sixteen, he enrolled in the Sea Org. He used to deliver telexes and pictures to landscaping and serving meals. Next, he became a part of Commodore’s Messenger Service.


He began working on L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology instructional videos in 1977. Two years later, he became Commodore’s Messenger Organization’s leader (CMO). After Hubbard ceased attending meetings in 1980, he took over as CMO.

After that, he oversaw several other departments, including the finances. In 1982, Miscavige formed Author Service, Inc., and the Religious Technology Center. The formation of the Church of Spiritual Technology was a direct consequence of the first event. After Hubbard’s passing in 1986, he took over as head of the Scientology movement.


Since Miscavige became RTC Board Chairman, he has been responsible for building and renovating churches in different parts of the world. Since Miscavige became RTC Board Chairman, he has been responsible for building and renovating churches in other parts of the world. Moreover, Flat Building, Scientology’s spiritual center, was founded with his help.

List of David Miscavige’s Honors and Achievements

David Miscavige is well-known as the current head of the Church of Scientology. No matter how successful he’s been, he’s never won an award. And he’s the youngest Scientology auditor in history. But, He led the Religious Technology Center he established and the Super Power Building he erected to great success.


It has come to our attention that David Miscavige has not been involved in any romantic relationships. At the Hollywood Palladium in 1986, Miscavige told Scientologists that Hubbard had died. The Sea Org’s highest-ranking members, Scientologist Pat Broeker, and his wife were elevated to Loyal Officers just before Hubbard died. This order, according to Miscavige, was forged. After Hubbard’s death, Miscavige assumed leadership of the Scientology organization. Miscavige, a Captain in the Sea Org, is the organization’s top official.


The Church of Scientology has always been the subject of debate. Miscavige needed more difficulties, claims, or problems throughout his time as an organizational leader.

Notably, Accusations of fraud and controversy surrounded the process David used to succeed L. R. Hubbard.

Hubbard reportedly ordered the famed Church leader and his wife to become Loyal Officers at the highest level in The Church.

Considering the petition to be fake, Miscavige rejected it. Miscavige also had to negotiate with the IRS to get the tax-exempt church status.

Moreover, The Church has filed over fifty IRS lawsuits since 1970, many under Miscavige’s leadership. This is all part of an effort to force the IRS to give The Church tax-exempt status. Finally, A subsequent amendment provided the Church of Scientology with the desired exemption.


How did David Miscavige get to the top position?

After L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, David became the Board’s formal Chairman. As Ron Miscavige put it, “there were no checks and balances on him, where he could simply move on.” As a result, He took control of the situation.

Where is David Miscavige now working?

Miscavige became the “ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion” and leader of the Church of Scientology after Hubbard’s death. Miscavige is the highest-ranking Scientologist and “Captain of the Sea Organization.”

Some Closing Remarks

In conclusion, David Miscavige is well-known inside and outside the organization due to his leadership position and the issues surrounding him. Miscavige is one of Scientology’s most influential figures and will govern the organization regardless of his wealth.



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