Cure/Treatment For Cancer: Decoy Molecules, a Possible Cure That Kills Cancer Cells


I think everyone knows about this broad term, Cancer. It can describe as when cellular changes occur, it leads to uncontrolled growth and division of cells. In some cancer types, cells proliferate and in some cases grow at a slow rate.

Well, the body cells have fixed lifespans, while cell death is a natural phenomenon called apoptosis. This process is also beneficial in that way when a cell receives a message to die; it replaces with a newer cell.

Cancer cells spread through lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are clusters of immune cells located all over the body. Cancerous cells develop into tumors that appear in many parts of the body. Tumors impair the immune system and prevent the body to work properly.

Now let’s talk about the treatment of Cancer. Now new technologies have developed, and every disease is curable.

As you know the cure for cancer is really a big challenge. No exact treatment developed yet. In all over the world, a high ratio of deaths occurs by cancer.

Scientists are trying to find a possible cure for cancer.

Decoy Molecules for cure of Cancer 2019

According to recent research for the cure of cancer, decoy molecules was discovered that helpful in the treatment of cancer. Decoy molecules trick certain proteins. RNA binding proteins bind with these molecules instead of cancer growing molecules. Therefore, in this way decoy molecules can cure cancer.

How Decoy Molecules Work

Scientist recently discovered this technique. Let’s see how it work?

As you know RNA binding protein plays a vital role in our body and the growth of cancer. Protein is an important component of our body that helps in growth. Therefore, when cancer cells bind with proteins, where they accelerate and promote cancer cells.

A technique was needed to prevent this phenomenon and scientists do that. Decoy molecules prevent cancer cells from binding with RNA proteins. Meanwhile, decoy bind with RNA binding molecules and hence the growth of cancer cells inhibited. So, we hope that this year this technique will be helpful for cancer patients.

Stay tuned here with us; we will update you more recent researches for the cure of cancer 2019.


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