Cure For HIV/AIDS 2019, Chinese Scientists are near to solution by using a Vaccine

eliminate HIV AIDS

HIV?AIDS is one of the dangerous diseases even sometimes, and it does not deduct. Most of the people feel awkward for AIDS testing. Therefore, millions of people do not know what condition they have.

There is no cure for AIDS, but scientists always try to find out the cure for HIV. Here I will share a Chinese scientist vaccine for treating HIV.

Vaccine experiments were done on the mouse model. There were100 of participants ann entered in the clinical phase 2. As I said above, many scientists are trying to find the cure, similarly before a lot of scientific breakthrough experiments were one to cure AIDS but not get a solution.

However, now Chinese doctors and scientists are very close to the solution. Well, the 130 participants have signed for trial and testing the unique vaccine for cure HIV. This clinical trial will conduct at hospitals in Beijing and Hangzhou, China.

It was seen that vaccine works by using some component of HIV DNA. Moreover, it also noted that it increases the immunity against the virus.

The trial first time was done in 2007 and second will complete in 2021. Finally, Chinese doctors have found a cure for HIV/AIDS in the initial stage. And now the process is on the second stage. We hope we’ll get a cure soon.

According to the UNAIDS report, almost 37.9 million people have HIV and not receiving any vaccine for it. Therefore, UNAIDS launched a campaign to treat this epidemic disease, which aims to end this disease at the end of 2020. Here you can see the UANIDS tweeter post regarding it.

Most of the cases are seen in southern and eastern Africa, where almost half of the people are fighting with this horrible disease. So if the research is successful, doctors could able to save many lives of HIV patients.


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