Criminal Minds Season 15 Will Return in 2020- Don’t Miss Cast’s Heart-melting Farewell Posts

Criminal Minds

Fans of Criminal Minds are definitely waiting for the Final Season of the show. CBS has released its Fall 2019-2020 schedule and Criminal Minds isn’t anywhere in it. It’s indeed a bad news for fans who are anxiously waiting for Criminal Minds Season 5. So, when it will be released? Get the info now.

Normally, CBS broadcast Criminal Minds on Wednesday but S.W.A.T has filled this position for fall 2019-2020. It means that you would be able to watch final season of Criminal Minds in the Midseason 2020.

CBS President Kally Kahl explained that they pushed Criminal Minds Season 15 to later dates of 2020 because the final season only has 10 episodes. “The plan is to play Criminal Minds on Wednesday night where it has aired, creating a mini season and giving SEAL Team and S.W.A.T. weeks off in the middle of the season to avoid repeats,” he said to Deadline.

This police detective procedure drama began in 2005 and  its 14th season broadcasted in Feb 2019. This 14 year journey is very long for behavior analysts who work for FBI. During this time, show got many compelling stories and twists.

The filming of Criminal minds Season 5 is completed and cast members are feeling bad to say a goodbye to this show. Fans are not the only one who are going to miss the show, stars of the series are experiencing the same feeling. They started sharing farewell posts regarding show on their Instagram Accounts.

Matthew Gray Gubler said that his “heart can’t take it. I can’t believe that it finished… this tv show changed my life and taught me so many things I can’t stop crying…I have no words to say anything… thanks”.

Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia), meanwhile, posted on her Instagram: “My heart is broken from joy and it will take a bit to put myself back together, luckily I have these great 7 folks I know from this job (and our huge brilliant crew) who I can cry to about it and know intimately where I’m coming from.

“Thank you for giving us the gift to do this job for so long my appreciation is truly infinite.”

If you are following them on Instagram then you can check how your favorite tv stars are sharing their good-bye feeling.



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