Cleveland Clinic: Wearing Gloves Can Still Put Us at Risk of Coronavirus

Cleveland Clinic: Wearing Gloves Can Still Put Us as Risk of Coronavirus

Wearing gloves can only protect a person if they also follow all the other measures, says Cleveland Clinic. The USA’s leading medical center also says that wearing gloves when you are shopping is not a good idea during the coronavirus pandemic. The Cleveland Clinic took to social media to make an official announcement regarding the same on Monday, August 3. They had already made such an announcement back in April when there was significant confusion regarding how we could stay safe from the virus. According to the Cleveland experts, wearing gloves while grocery shopping, or running errands can cause adverse effects.

In April, Dr. Patrichia Dandache, infectious disease specialist, said that it is common now to see people wearing gloves when they are out. While it is not wrong, but not knowing how to wear or dispose of it correctly is a problem. So, not understanding the difference between doing something and doing it correctly can defeat the whole purpose that we are all fighting for. Dr. Dandache added that several factors justify that gloves are not always the most effective solution to safeguard yourself amidst the global pandemic.

Concerns when you are wearing gloves

The primary concerns when you wear gloves are whether there is a tear or rip in the gloves. Moreover, it is a concern if you are unaware of how to wear or take it off properly. So, ultimately, gloves, most of the time, only give you a false sense of security. As a result, you may end up touching things around you, including your nose, eyes, or face. Therefore, all of these increase the chances of contamination, which is not good at all. According to Dr. Dandache, gloves can only help people who also follow the other necessary measures, and sadly most of us do not.

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Is wearing gloves to the store a logical precaution you should be taking in the fight against coronavirus? An infectious disease expert discusses.

Posted by Cleveland Clinic on Monday, August 3, 2020

According to Dr. Patrichia Dandache, wearing gloves, neither enhances your immunity nor allows you to touch everything. You must understand that germs may get stuck to your gloves, and get transferred to other surfaces when you touch things around. The same may be the case when you touch your face, mouth, nose, and more. So, the doctor considers wearing gloves, nothing but counterproductive. If you are wearing gloves and still rummaging through your purse or texting on your phone while you are at a store, it makes no sense.

Tips if you are wearing gloves during the coronavirus pandemic

You may want to know why touching the face with gloves on is dangerous. One reason is, as explained earlier that there may be germs stuck on the gloves. Besides, coronavirus can quickly enter your body through mucous membranes. For example, your mouth and nose are positive ways to let the virus into the body if you are not cautious enough. Therefore, Dr. Dandache says that the virus does not directly enter the body from your hands. The same happens only when you touch other openings such as your mouth or nose with contaminated hands. There is also a possibility that the virus sticks to the gloves’ latex and later gets inside the body.

Here are some tips from Dr. Dandache when you are going to a grocery store.

  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, ears, mouth, or the face
  • Touching the mask once you are wearing it is not a good idea
  • Avoid touching your phone
  • Make sure that you do not touch too many food items or surfaces
  • Social distancing is a must
  • Hand washing and proper sanitization is mandatory

According to experts, wearing gloves may lead to cross-contamination, and we must be careful enough to avoid the same. Also, remember, learning how to wear and take off your gloves properly is very important. Besides, make sure that you are not reusing your gloves at any cost. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that wearing gloves during the coronavirus pandemic is a must if you care for a sick person or clean and disinfect your home.

Safe removal of gloves

Here is how you should remove your gloves after you have used it.

  • Grab the outer part of a glove near your wrist, but do not touch your skin.
  • Pull the glove inside out and peel it away from the body.
  • Use another gloved hand only to dispose of the piece that you have just removed.
  • You must put your fingers inside the glove near the wrist to peel off the other glove.
  • Turn the glove inside-out in a way that the first glove goes inside this one while removing.
  • Do not throw the gloves on the ground after removal. Instead, dispose of them off safely in the trash bin immediately.
  • Use a proper sanitizer or wash your hands with soap after you have completed the process.

According to both the CDC and the Cleveland Clinic, the best way to save yourself from the virus is to wash your hands with soap at regular intervals. The other way is to use a proper hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol content of 60%.


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