How to Add Chrome Extensions Android Devices – with One-Shot!

chrome extensions android

There is no doubt regarding Chrome as the most famous and widely used browser for a very long time. It becomes more enjoyable and smoother to use Chrome if you also add the Web store of Chrome. You can quickly get different necessary Chrome extensions when you are working on your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, the situation is never similar to the desktop one. Instead, it is a bit complex in the case of using chrome extensions android versions.


It is far easier to install and use the attachments on desktop or laptop, but when it comes to using Chrome extensions android versions, then your task becomes a little bit difficult than the previous one.

 Some people think it is entirely impossible to install the necessary Chrome extensions on different android devices. However, it is not the case. Instead, you can add and run the wings on your android devices very quickly just by following some simple steps.

Why Do you Need Chrome Extensions Android Devices?

From the beginning of human civilization, people are always working hard to find a better and easier way of leading life. They are using technology just to make their tasks easy and comfortable. 

We are never getting satisfaction with the same level of advancements, instead of looking for more and more to come shortly, with the motive to save both our time and energy.

So, in the same way, people were first using extensions on desktop and laptop, and now they expect to get the same facility in mobile phones or tablets. 

They want to make their tasks easier as they can do those things smoothly on the computer. However, nowadays, mobile phones are no less than a mini-computer as they feature computer-like options and facilities.

For many years, people are getting discontinuation or differences between an Android device’s Chrome app and Chrome browser. 

Undoubtedly, the Chrome browser on PC is way faster, and it comes with many functions and features. On the other hand, Chrome was just a popular fast browser without any extensions, but now we have those facilities.

Fortunately, it is now possible also in the case of Android devices, to have all the features that Chrome extensions are available in PC. 

You might be looking for the Chrome browser’s default version with all these exciting extensions, but unfortunately, it is still not known. 

But you can use different browsers like the Kiwi browser, Yandex browser to get all these Chrome extensions android on your mobile phone or tabs.

The steps and procedure of installing Chrome Extensions on Android Devices

Some of you also think that you need to root your Android device for installing Chrome extensions. But you don’t need to root your device to install Chrome Extensions for your browser of Android device. 

For that, you will need to get the assistance of different browsers because you need to get the add-on installation for your device. 

One significant thing regarding this installation is that you need to check your device; it is necessary because not all the devices support Chrome extensions. 

There are also specific differences in terms of the operational process of desktop and mobile phone operators. They are quite different in the case of various operations.

Steps to Follow for Installing Chrome Extensions Android Version with Yandex Browser

  1. At first, you need to open Google Play Store, and then you need to download a browser named Yandex Browser. When you just finished the downloading, install it on your phone or tablet.
  2. You have Yandex Browser as your browser now, so open or paste this- ‘’ address in your new browser’s URL box.
  3. There are so many Chrome extensions built for doing many tasks, but you don’t need them. So, just pick the suitable ones for you. When you are done with the listing, just click on the “add to Chrome” option. All the extensions that you chose will be added to the Yandex browser automatically.
  4. To check whether you have added the extensions properly, you must see the settings option. You may also disable or uninstall the extension if you want to do so.

More details on Yandex Browser

Over five crore people trust Yandex Browser as it is one of the most famous likable browsers for the Android device users. A Russian web sear cooperation named Yandex produced and developed it. 

The browser base is so strong as they built it on the Chromium open source project’s project. You also need to know that all the browsers won’t allow you to use Chrome extensions.

 But Yandex brings that facility for you. It is undoubtedly one of the best browsers that allow you to add necessary extensions on your Android devices very quickly and effortlessly.

Steps to Follow for Installing Chrome Extensions Android Version with Kiwi Browser

  1. To have all the benefits out of the Chrome extensions, at first, you need to download the latest version of Kiwi Browser. You will get access to it quickly from the Play Store. 

And then, you need to download it from there. But must check whether you have the updated version of the Play Store or not, because it gives you better functions and more features.

  1. After being done with the downloading, you need to go to the settings option of your device. You will get the apps menu there. Then, open the app menu and select the Kiwi browser. 

Must check the version number as it shows whether you have updated the version or not. If you see that the version number is below 79, then it is an older version, and you need to wait a while for the newer updated version of the browser.

  1. You may wait for the latest version to come for your device, but if you need that urgently, then please check whether it has the permission to check unknown sources or apps. It is required to have this permission to have access to get the Chrome extensions.
  2. When the downloading is done, you need to download the latest version of the APK version. After completing the download, you need to install it, and for that, you need to click on the ‘download complete’ option before.
  3. After that, try to enable the developer mode by opening the app. And you will get this option on the new page.

  4. When you are done with developer mode activation, the jump on to the installing part of the extensions that you need for your device. If you know the extensions’ name, then just search them by writing the terms in the search option of the left-side. However, you can even use it if you desire to check on the available extensions from the list.
  5. When you are done with the exploration and selection, click on the add to Chrome option to get those added to your Chrome as extensions. You might see a popup option showing whether you want to add those extensions or not.
  6. Right after that, your extensions will be added successfully, and you can even use those as well whenever you need to use those.
  7. One significant thing to know for you is that you might face some problems while using some extensions as they might not be compatible with your devices. But they are very few. Most of them would run without any further issues.
  8. You can also manage the extensions that you have added. You can both enable and disable your extensions whenever you want. Also, you can explore the other settings and can even uninstall them whenever you wish so.

More Details on Kiwi Browser

This browser has outstanding popularity because of its interface. It is just like Chrome. You will get both day and night mode. Add blocking options are also available.

 Being of advanced version, or from open source, it has all these features of Chromium. Developers got the chance to explore the functions of different codes. 

And eventually, Kiwi took advantage of it as a third-party. They somehow used these codes and made their very personal or own search crawler.

Although the browser is created based on Chrome, it works on Webkit, just like Blink’s very own search engine. The main advantage is that Kiwi works at the same speed, just like Chrome.

 It will operate on the same type of loading of page and download. Moreover, the most crucial benefit is that it is well compatible with the extensions of Chrome.

Best and Popular Chrome Extensions Android

Nowadays, most of us tend to work on the mobiles of tablets we were using in our pc just a few years ago. And as a part of our nature. 

We are looking for more and more flexibility, which has given rise to adding Chrome extensions android. 

These extensions make your task a bit easier and smoother. But adding extensions is a little bit more tricky for you to add in comparison to the pc.

The most popular and demanding extensions are listed below:


If you are not that proficient user of English and want to develop your writing skill, this add-on is for you. 

It helps you to do the correction in your writing both grammatically and semantically. It shows you the options to improve your writing, which is very important for writers, students, researchers, etc.

Save to Pocket

Using this extension, you can save different sites and links that you would like to use in the future. It helps you to save the URL of different sites that you are working on. 

So, you don’t need to copy and search or type the links again and again. You can even upgrade to the premium account to have more.


This add-on provides you with a wide range of unique emojis that you can use to work on your social media platform or email or messaging anyone. It enables you to chat with fun by using the upgraded and customized emojis.

Hangouts by Google

This add-on helps you to make calls and send texts instantly. You can use it both personal and group call or chat. Even if the person you are communicating is not online, it lets you communicate your close ones within the shortest possible time.


It is another worthy extension that you may add because it helps you by saving your important passwords. Out of workload, we tend to forget our passwords, which keeps on happening so frequently, and you worry. 

But this extension would help you greatly in this regard as now you can use it to store or save your passwords, and it is safe to use it.

Adblock Plus

Whenever you are just working online or serving different websites, advertisements are just popping here and there and keeps irritating you. 

You want to have a smooth browsing experience, and this extension just makes your task easier and smoother. 

Bottom line

Just by following the steps mentioned above, you can easily add so many extensions to your device. You choose the extensions according to your need, and you may even uninstall them whenever you wish.



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