Chrissy Teigen Screeching Her Way through a Haunted House Will Make Your Day

Chrissy Teigen

Don’t you think there is nothing better than a celebrity scare of none other than Ellen DeGeneres?

Yes, she is sending celebrities to spooky houses. It was the turn of Chrissy Teigen to confront the bloody faces and dark, haunted hallways with Andy Lassner the executive producer. When the Ellen DeGeneres Show directed them at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Purge Maze.

The talk show host started the segment by introducing, “I would like to say Andy was really brave, but that would be a total lie.”

In the start, they managed to remain brave till the five-minute maze. However, all the bravery turned to fear and scare particularly entering the mannequin room since it was hell frightening.

Chrissy was about to have a blast as she was terribly shrieking and firmly holding Andy. For enjoying more, search and ook their video with a caption on for gems like, “[Chrissy shrieking],” “[Shrill screaming]” and “[Chrissy whimpers].”

The Purge maze seemed no to play by Andy’s spooky house policies and characters returned several times. But Andy gave a good tip to find yourself in the ghostly house and put your eyes on the shoes in order to spot dummies and potential terrors.

Chrissy was seen so nervous at a point that she screamed on seeing nothing surrounding her.

Andy scolds “Don’t get upset if there’s nothing there,”.

However, by the time they at last make it out, Chrissy asks Andy it’s over if he’s happy.

He admits.”I’ve never been more happy about anything,”

If you want to live the fears, go for the haunted house tour, Ariana Grande. It is worthy.