Chris Pratt Might Release New Music Album with Rob Lowe

Chris Pratt

Last day, we heard that Justin Bieber is working on his new album with his wife. Now music world is twisting again as Chris Pratt announced that he is going to work on his new album with his friend Rob Lowe. Where from we get these details? Let’s find out.

The Instagram followers of Chris Pratt might already know about his golf game where his friend joined him. He posted this game update on his account.

Robe Lowe posted his solo picture first and then updated his account with a picture of four co-stars. The caption of the photograph was “Today’s great foursome.”

After that post, a picture which grabbed the attention of follower is one where Chris shared a cover photo with a caption

Rolo and I got the album cover. Now we’re going offline for a while to focus our music. Stay tuned. Big things coming’”

After some seconds, Robe Lowe updated the same picture with the caption ‘ Sorry for the triple post, just so excited to get this new album cover art from Chris. Now, all we need are songs and a band name.’

Before he posted this update, Chris Pratt picture already went viral, and people started talking about it on the internet. If we check Rob Lowe post, then it is clear that both stars were joking and they are not working on any new album yet. However, it is also possible that it is not a joke, and they have some plan in mind.

If this plan is under process, then what band name would you suggest for new music album of Chris Pratt?


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