Will Wendy’s brother join season three?Will Ozark last longer than Season three?

Ozark Season 3

One of famous Netflix’s season Ozark is coming with its third season. Well, not enough people are talking about it yet because GOT is on its peak. Fans have not much knowledge about its third season that’s happening soon.

However, we hope that it will be blockbuster season after Game of Thrones in the United States as well as in other countries. Well, Showrunner Chris Mundy has given to hint us the Marty and Wendy’s family reunion is coming with Wendy’s mysterious brother.

Here let’s talk about the major details regarding Wendy’s brother.

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Chris Mundy Talk about Wendy’s brother on Ozark Panel

Speaking on Ozark panel, Chris commented about the brother’s arrival is ” destabilizing.” at this moment Jason Bateman and Laura Linney laughed. This shows may be a new character will show a negative impact on the Byrdes.

The first evidence came about Wendy’s brother when Marty and Wendy talk about their son Jonah’s fascination with death. At that time, Wendy spoke about her brother’s history and think whether it’s a genetic behavior.

But, then she thinks about ” What If” scenario about your beautiful kid who goes and shoots up a high school. Wendy does not imply that he brother is responsible for the school shooting. Well, she would not be much concern Jonah’s death centric maturity.

So can we imagine what kind of life Wendy’s brother is dealing with? If he is a real shooter then may be walking around as a free adult as a teenager.

Will Ozark Last Longer Than Three Seasons?

Showrunner, Chris is still hoping for a new number of Ozark Season. The third season will not be the final, it could be four, five or even seven and that’s good news.

Well, all decision is not only upon Chris, but Netflix is also responsible for more seasons. Netflix execs and Chris will make the last and final decision. Well, let’s see how both will handle Ozark’s future.

Stay tuned with usupdates.com; we will come back with more recent news of Ozark’s future.


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