Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cannabis Dispensary

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In California, legalization has meant that dispensaries are cropping up all over the place. You can barely walk a block without spying another dispensary. So how do you pick a Venice Beach Cannabis Dispensary? Here are some factors to consider as you try to when choosing a cannabis dispensary.


Cannabis is popular—of course it is, it’s pretty great! Unfortunately, that means that there are plenty of bad actors in the industry. Unlicensed dispensaries don’t follow regulations meant to protect consumers. They may offer sub-par products and they don’t pay taxes. On the other hand, a licensed dispensary San Diego buys and sells products that have been tracked from seed to sale, which helps ensure safer products. Sure, unlicensed dispensaries may sell some cheaper bud, but it comes with great risk. Always check that any dispensary you go to is legit.

Product Quality

If you’re shopping at a licensed dispensary, you’ll notice that the products they carry have all been lab-tested. In California, there are legal limits for certain contaminants. By making testing mandatory, the state can limit the amount of pesticides and heavy metals present in your favorite vapes and other products.  Plus, if it’s a good dispensary, the products are all hand-selected to offer customers variety and quality. A good cannabis dispensary will have cannabis products that represent different THC:CBD ratios and consumption methods. This makes it easier to find something that will work for your needs. 


Not every dispensary takes the time to teach its staff the ins-and-outs of cannabis, which is a shame. Knowledgable staff means you get qualified help when you need it. Not everyone is well versed in cannabinoids, terpenes, and consumption methods, but a skilled budtender who is properly trained can help you find the various products that will meet your goals and give you the info you need to use them properly.


What’s the point of going to a dispensary if you don’t like the vibe? Ambiance is a big part of a dispensary. From how they choose to display their products to the artwork they use and the music they play. Dispensary ambiance can make your shopping experience more enjoyable and make a dispensary a second home.

Customer Service

No one wants to shop where they aren’t welcome. Look for a welcoming dispensary that makes shopping easy. Whether you’re a first-time user or a pro, great service makes for a better shopping experience.

Loyalty Program

A great loyalty program rewards you for your purchases. After all, you’re already going to buy cannabis, why not earn rewards while you do?

Online Ordering

A dispensary that offers online ordering is committed to getting you what you want on your terms. Online ordering saves you time and, if you already know what you want, is pretty awesome.

Choosing a cannabis dispensary for you is key for having a great experience and finding your go-to spot. Keep these factors in mind and you’ll find your new joint.


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