China Concealed Severity of COVID-19 as per US Government Reports

US government reports

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to cower in their homes and take shelter. Countries and states have gone into lockdown to try to stop the virus from spreading. Just 4-5 months ago everything was normal and nobody had even heard of COVID-19. Now, things have gotten so bad that people are afraid of catching it. All this must make you wonder how it all started and how it all got so bad so fast. You must have heard that the virus originated in China and theories about how it originated. While none of these theories can be validated there is an interesting bit of news. According to US Government Reports, China has intentionally hidden the severity of coronavirus outbreak. They did this so that they can stockpile medical supplies for economic interest.

Current Paradigm

The world has been looking at China with growing mistrust in regards to their handling of the spread of coronavirus. President Trump and his administration have regularly blamed China for the ensuing pandemic. They have categorically stated that China is the reason why the world is suffering. In fact, Trump has even gone ahead and said that he wants to sue China for damages due to the coronavirus.

The official narrative as of now over the world is that it originated in a wet market in Wuhan where animals are sold. However, the president and his administration believe and propagate the theory that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan. In light of this, the Trump administration has issued a new intelligence analysis. This leaked government report states that China deliberately delayed informing the WHO about the contagion.

US Government Reports

The Department of Homeland Security used a new technique to conclude that China concealed information about the spread of Coronavirus. They looked at the trade data between October 2019 and February 2020. It showed that China had increased imports and stockpiles of PPE like masks and gloves to ventilators. They did not inform WHO or the world about the coronavirus spread as they hoarded medical supplies. They also decreased the export of medical equipment from January 2019 onwards. The analysts compared the trade data over the last few months to data from the last five years. China also tried to hide its intentions by not providing trade data and denying that there were export restrictions in place.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the positive instances of having a free and fair press. ABC first reported that such an intelligence report existed. Yahoo has since then obtained the report and is publishing it in full. This new report can harm China’s reputation and change world geopolitics. Till now, China was able to brush off these accusations by saying that there was no basis behind them. But the trade data provides damning evidence that China intentionally hid coronavirus related information. Whatever be the case, it is difficult to come to an accurate conclusion since the Chinese state-controlled media is not transparent.


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