Child’s Play Shades Toy Story Again in New Poster!

Child's Play: Chucky Roasts Another Toy Story Star in New Poster!

Child's Play

Here you have yet another new poster for the upcoming Child’s Play Remake. It may offend the sensibilities of fans of Toy Story.

As it just so happens, this movie will schedule to air on the same day as Toy Story 4 next month. Therefore, it will prove to be one of the more interesting box office showdowns of the summer. Because both of the anime movies will have very different varieties of toys.

The most artistic group of anime makers behind Child’s Play will be having fun with that concept this time at the expense of Subtle Dog.

The previously released poster of the story may be a similar one to this one. It may take the identical and related back view picked from the character idea Toy Story 4 posters. You will see Chucky is looking busy for the posting of Woody.

At the same time, the killed doll will turn his attention towards that slinky dog who is already factually being cooked over a fire. And it will be depicted as some kind of bad jock related to hot dogs.

However, this Child’s Play Movie poster has been uploaded on the official accounts of the anime. And everyone can see it from there with a download link.

This poster is throwing something good or bad at the same time. But what is actually roasted you will see when the anime will be released. And it is releasing soon as the final air date of the movie has been announced.

And the movie will hit the theatres on 21st June 2019. In which Chucky will be looking creepy as compare to previous. Chucky is an artificial and absolute invention of a doll. And it will be possessed by some spiritual one.


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