Casey Affleck film “Light of My Life” Official Trailer Released

Light of My Life

Light of my life is a famous American film of Casey Affleck. He is the director as well as the writer of the film.  The world premiere has to hold on 8th February 2019 at the Berlin International film festival.

The trailer of the fantastic Casey Affleck film has released, Lets’s check it out here.


The release date has confirmed by Saban films so that it will release on 9th August 2019. The stars Affleck, Tom Bower, Anna Pniowsky, and Elisabeth Moss will appear on the screen.

It is a story of a father who protects her daughter by his son after a plague wipes out of many female populations.

The trailer starts with the shots of father and daughter camping in the woods. Rag is in boy’s clothes and has a short hair cut and tells her father, ” I’m the only girl of my species, and I am the only one that I ever saw.”

In another clip, the father and daughter duo out shopping. So cashier notes that the child is growing the father replies he was just a newborn when the plague wiped out the female population.

The trailer more shows the struggle of the family for keeping safe Rag. So she says in a voiceover, they are looking for me because I am a girl. Therefore they move place to place for finding shelter.


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