Bye-Bye Bazinga! After Big Bang How Kaley Cuoco Is Planning For Life

Big Bang How Kaley Cuoco

For Kaley and Cuoco, it’s a major year.

The year 2018 is an important year for her. Since she tied the vow with Karl Cook after their engagement celebrated with her last birthday. The charm of newlywed bliss is still seen among the couple.

“Kaley and Karl are super happy still, they love each other and love being married. He isn’t home a lot though, he works remotely four or five days a week so her weekends are mostly devoted to spending time with him.”

However, Cuoco is on another important phase of life as after 11 years closing a significant part of life. The most beloved sitcom famous for more than a decade, The Big Bang Theory.

But life doesn’t stop and in order to enter a new phase. Cuoco is planning how to live ahead both personally and professionally.

The birthday star, who just turned 33, reflected on this recently.

The fact that both of them Cuoco and Cook are independent in terms of financial position increase their compatibility.

“I don’t need Karl for anything. If Karl left me tomorrow, I’d be fine, the 32-year-old actor said. “And he knows that, and he would be fine, too.”

This makes their relationship even stronger. Since they love one another without any personal or professional dependencies. Their love is selfless and pure.

In 2016, their love story started since both of them have a common habit of loving horses. And there they met one another and started dating.

About Riding horses, Cuoco said, “totally changed my life, for so many reasons.” And now she owns nine horses. Also, they are the reason for meeting the soul mate.

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She told, “I finally found my horse guy. I know. It was meant to be.”

Kaley regarded the relationship among both of them as the best.

“After her marriage and other past relationships, this one definitely stands out as being different. She loves his sense of humour and feels like he brings out the best in her. She trusts him completely and after she was burned in the past, she appreciates how genuine he is. They are in it for the long run but she doesn’t know what the future holds. They are totally in love and happy together.”

We wish they remain like this always and their bond strengthens and love increases.



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