How to build bigger shoulders with dumbbells: dumbbell shoulder workout

build bigger shoulders with dumbbells

A man’s shoulders look beautiful only if he has well-pumped deltoid and trapezius muscles. How to swing shoulders with dumbbells? This is one of the most exciting questions for beginners. You can load them using dumbbells – the advantage of these sports equipment is that you can train with them not only in the gym but also at home.

If an athlete prefers collapsible dumbbell presses on his shoulders, he can at his own discretion adjust the load on the muscles. So, it remains only to follow the technique of performing all movements.

Dumbbell deltoid exercises for muscle gain

Bulking your shoulders with dumbbells is just as easy as using a barbell. To work out the deltoid and trapezius muscles in a quality manner, do the following exercises once a week:

  • Dumbbell bench press. You need to stand upright with your feet close and arms down with weighting agents along the body. Bending your elbows, you will lift them, bringing dumbbells to the armpits.
  • Overhead dumbbell press. The situation is the same as in the first exercise, only the elbows are first bent and spread apart, and then unbent, and the arms with weights rise up.
  • Dumbbell fly. At the same time or alternately with quick movements, raise your arms with weight in front of you. It is important to maintain a high intensity exercise. It’s very good to end your dumbbell training with this particular exercise.
  • Lifting dumbbells on shoulders through the sides. In this case, the hands are first parted with straight elbows, and then connected above the head.
  • Fly with weights to the side in an inclined position.
  • Raises hands with dumbbells in front of the chest from behind the head or through the sides from a prone position (elbows do not bend).

Deltoid workouts: dumbbell shoulder press to target delts muscle

If you watch video tutorials about dumbbell shoulder training, you will find many other interesting exercises. But, in principle, those listed above are enough, since they affect muscles equally.

Presses and lifts will help you quickly achieve an amazing effect – just do them competently. Pumping shoulders with dumbbells only then will give a good result when you learn to do all the exercises according to the rules

Important rules to know if you are interested in how to swing your shoulders with dumbbells:

  • Remember that the deltoid muscles consist of three parts and pump them all evenly. Otherwise, the shoulders may not look too aesthetically pleasing.
  • Try not to burden triceps when working on the shoulder muscles. Otherwise, load distribution will occur and you will not be able to achieve the perfect result.
  • Do not take long breaks between different exercises or between separate approaches of one of them. In this case, it is recommended to perform 4 to 5 approaches, each of which should have up to 15 repetitions.

In addition, at the very beginning of training, the bodybuilder should pay special attention to basic exercises, and only then you can move on to isolating ones. If you want to learn more about bodybuilding supplements visit – best world catalog of anabolic steroids and sport nutrition. They will help to adjust your terrain, make the shoulders more attractive and beautiful. Moreover, isolating exercises, like basic ones, are recommended to be performed no more than once a week.



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