Boruto Episode 104: Preview and Spoilers

Boruto Episode 104

Here is the preview and spoilers of the release date is given of Boruto episode 104. The Boruto episode 104 titled as ” Small Co-Inhabitant” as well as also translated as ” A Little Roommate.”

Both titles describe a small pet Cat because this episode will base on the kitten. Episode 104 will lead you in the new arc.

According to spoilers of episode 104, Boruto with his team seven (Mitsuki, Sarada) will arrest an unidentified jewel thief. But, before that, they will meet a new friend and add someone to the group.

However, they will come across a petrified cat, and teaser also shows that it will help them in taking down the thief.

Spoilers of the Story

Boruto and Sarada cannot leave the animal, but there is a problem, they can’t get this petrified kitten home due to their parents. Mitsuki will take care of kitten as he just does the snakes.

However, while tracking down the thief, they lost their sight of the criminal. After that cat appears in front of their eyes. The kitten looks so small and in a frightened state.

The preview features, Mitsuki will offer milk to the kitten and she is smiling. All preview is showing they will take care of the kitten and give it a name.

This episode will more focus on Mitsuki, and team seven will reach on Lord Ku, where Onoki will die.

Release Date of Boruto Episode 104

Well just wait some days, you will be able to see Boruto episode 104 on 28 April 2019.


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