Boruto Chapter 35 Spoilers: Release Date and Speculations

Boruto Chapter 35

Fans of Boruto have so many questions regarding leader Jigen and Kara Organization. They want to know more what is happening and of course a complete introduction of new characters. At this point, everything is pretty vague. So, what will happen in Boruto Chapter 35? Let’s find out.

Since there are some questions in the mind of fans, so the writer will try to answer them first. Because there will be no fun when things are cloudy, what is coming next can be guessed by getting some hints from the last chapter.

In Boruto Chapter 34, fans saw no fighting sequences though they expect to have them. However, there were some scenes where the reader noticed member communication. Now, these scenes provide a hint for Chapter 35, where we will see that total focus will be given to Kara Organization.

At this point, back stories have been kept under lock and key. This kind of secrecy has boosted up fan interest in Boruto Manga series. Jigen has a Seal of Karma, so we can say that he defeated an Otsutsuki clan member.  One thing which we know at this point is that Jigen will create clones that may carry a copy of Seal of karma. Thereby, the primary purpose of Kawaki will be achieved.

There are many reports of upcoming chapters which surface on the internet. Delta has two spare bodies which she is going to use after her one drone body got back to Kara headquarters. But fans want to know more about Koji Kashin.

Koji is wearing a mask, and now fans have to see what face he is covering through this mask. He is alone undergoing surveillance at Hidden leaf. One interesting thing is that his chakra didn’t come; it means that he was an old resident at Hidden Leaf. No one could find him even when the whole area was on high-alert. Now we will have to know more about him in the upcoming chapter.

Boruto Chapter 35 ‘s release date has been delayed for a whole month. You won’t be able to read this manga this month. Boruto Chapter 35 will be available to readers on June 10.


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