If you love tower defense games, then you should get your hands on this latest
bloons td 6 apk of Bloons TD 6. Tower defense games for a long time have grown in popularity. The goal when playing the tower defense games is to protect the players’ territory or even a player’s possession by attacking invading enemies. To attack the enemies, you can either shoot at them or also set up blocks to help prevent these attacks. Many several tower defense games are out here, but only a few make the playing experience a thrill. The Balloons TD game is one of the best tower defense games out there, and there are several series of the game that has come out. 

Firstly the series came out as a flash game that meant the build was for the web. Players needed internet access to be able to play this game, and the first release of the series was in the year 2007. Due to the growing popularity of the game, it’s now available on many gaming platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and many more. If you also happen to have a phone, you can play the game on your phone, too, whether Android or iOS.


The gameplay of Bloons TD 6 is straight ford that is you need to prevent balloons from reaching a certain point. In the game, some balloons or Bloons, as many refer them, and some tracks have exits and entrances. As a player, your main objective is to ensure that you launch attacks preventing the balloons from getting to the end of these tracks. Players have the ability to choose the type of attack or traps on their disposal, which will ensure that you defend from these attacks.

There is an in-game reward that a player gets for bursting the balloons, and that is around a dollar. Since there are tracks, the bloons tend to use the tracks on the map to reach the end of the track, and sometimes they may use a shorter track. If the balloons get to the end of the track, then a player loses the in-game lives or the health declines, and if the lives are over, the game ends.

For a player to successfully defend against the balloons, there are several towers they can use, and each has its uniqueness. Some towers are very powerful towards certain balloons while not being able to target them successfully. You have the ability as a player to upgrade the capability of a tower in balloons TD 6 by using the money you earn in the game. This game is exciting as it offers the player the ability to play the game with different kinds of maps, and the game has different difficulty levels, which make it interesting.  


Bloons TD 6 apk is available on many gaming platforms, but if you want to get the game, you will need to spend some cash. If you have that money to spend on the game, then well and good for you can easily purchase this game from Androids Google Play Store or even the App Store. For those who need the game and cannot be able to raise funds for purchasing it from the store, there is a way you can get this game for free.

To get the game for free, you need to use different sites apart from the approved stores to download the game. Firstly, you need to search on the internet for the sites that allow you to download apk games and apps, and one common is Using the search engine, you can then search for Bloons TD 6 apk, and there will be a bunch of different approved versions.

You can choose whichever version you like and begin your download immediately. Once it finishes downloading, you will need to go to your setting and disable the feature that blocks installation from unknown sources. This block often prevents your phone from installing applications from other websites than approved stores.  After the application finishes installing, you can now start playing the Bloons TD 6 apk game.


There are several features in Bloons TD 6 that make the game even more enjoyable. I will highlight some of these features so that you can take advantage of them.


This is the first feature that I can think of when talking about Bloons TD 6.  The Bloon status feature offers the Bloons around three status features that affect the Bloon. When this feature affects a bloon, it tends to change in color, and all the three status can affect a bloon at the same time.

The first status is the freeze, which makes a bloon to freeze.

Ice towers are responsible for this status, and they have the ability to freeze any bloon. There are a few bloons however, that are immune to anything sharp, and this is the Zebra Bloons, White Bloons, Class Bloons, and M. O. A. B. if you freeze a bloon, it does not move, and a white ice-cap thing appears on it until the bloon thaws. The only thing that thaws frozen bloons is the whirlwinds and the Tornadoes. 

The other status feature is the glue gunner, which glues the bloons, thus slowing them down. This status only slows the bloon down and does not make it explode unless you have corrosive glue, which you get by upgrading. The bloons that have glue on them appear to be yellow, and they can blow if hit by Tornadoes.

Burn or Monkey Napalm is a status feature that makes the bloons have some burning flame on them. The Mortar Tower explosions cause the monkey napalm effect that pops off one layer of bloon every two seconds. If a bloon is in the frozen state, they can also get pooped. This bloon status in Bloon TD 6 only affects bloons three times. 


When playing Bloons TD 6 apk, you tend to see or feel that the bloons are moving much slower together with the towers. Your defense is what will determine how you will be able to attack the bloons. If your defense is weak, then it’s best advised you play the game with the slowly moving bloons. If you have a very strong defense, then here is where the fast forward feature applies. This feature helps save time as the bloons and towers will start moving fast compared to regular gaming.

They refer the feature as fast forward because once you turn it on, it makes everything move three times fast compared to how they do. This feature is essential to gamers who don’t like the lag that they get from the game or have enough experience. The feature can be turned on by a button that appears on the bottom-right corner by pressing the ‘GO’ sign. If you want to have some excellent experience gaming three times faster than normal, then it’s time you start using the fast forward feature.


The Bloon TD 6 apk features the deep monkey knowledge system, which is an upgrade system. The upgrade system features over one hundred upgrades of individual monkey towers or even monkey groups. These upgrades are for primary towers, military towers, powers, support towers, magic towers, and Heroes.  The knowledge points help in unlocking so many features of the tree. With this deep monkey knowledge system, you can now get the latest game power and increase your defense system, meaning you will win more maps and get to many rounds.     


With this latest series to the family, several things are outstanding on the game that makes it unique. Firstly the game has a very brilliant 3D Bloon. Unlike the previous installments, this installment has very vibrant new monkey animations, and the skins have been upgraded, which makes the game realistic. When you compare the animations of first installments, you may wonder why you ever played that game. These animations in tower defense 6 are what takes the game to a new level. Also, the visual effects on the game are intense.

With the advancement in tech, they have helped shape the visual effects of the game.

There are so many maps that they did add around 42 original maps that have different complexity at each level. Apart from the upgrade in maps, there has been a total upgrade on the monkey towers, which is epic. There are around 21 new epic and powerful monkey towers that include Mortar monkey and Engineer monkey. In addition to the tower upgrades, three path upgrades are so amazing for you to choose from.

In Bloon TD 6, there are new bloons in the game that add more awesomeness to the game. The new types are the Purple, Fortified, and the relentless B.A.D. there is so much more that makes this game good, including the new game modes that they did add to each game difficulty level. Exploring the game more by playing, you will be able to find lots of good hidden gems that transform the gameplay. But either way, Bloon tower defense games have been so epic since the first installment in the series, and this one will not let down the family. 


We have packaged a lot in this article concerning the Bloon TD 6 Apk game that can make you the game geek. This article has touched on a few things about the gameplay of Bloon TD apk, giving you an insight into what really goes on. We also did touch on ways you can download the game; if you have enough bucks, you can certainly purchase the game at the stores or use online websites to download the games. 

There are a bunch of things that make the game enjoyable if you are a newbie or been playing the game for a long time.

Several upgrades to the game on the maps and even features are some of the things that take it to another level. The game can be addicting if you play it too much, and the excellent thing is you can now play it offline. That’s a lot to know about this exciting Bloon TD 6 Apk game, and there is no reason why you can’t get it right now after showing you how to get it for free.


Can you play Bloon TD 6 Apk offline?

Yes. The first time the franchise came out, the game was the only web-based, thus a flash game. After several years of development, the release of the Bloon TD 6 apk is now on many platforms that you can think of. If you do not have a cellular network or even WI-FI connection, you don’t need to worry as you can play the game as a single-player offline.

How do you upgrade towers in Bloon TD 6?

If you are used to playing the previous game franchise, then you know that upgrading towers did require cash. In Bloon TD 6 apk, that is completely different as you cannot get to the highest level by just collecting cash. To upgrade the towers to their highest level, you will need to gain a lot of experience. There are also more build paths and stages for you to unlock, making the game even more interesting than the other franchise.

Why is Bloon TD 6 popular?

There are a lot of things that make this tower defense game so popular. Firstly tower defense games have been around us for a long time, and most people are used to them, and they like them. The Bloon TD 6 is a game with so much happening just in the game. There is chaos, many hordes of creep they throw at you, and yet the game is so simple in design. This is why so many people like it and thus popular.

What are tower defense games?

Tower defense games refer to games where players must protect their territories by attacking enemies. These games usually have a set of structures set to be able to defend themselves from enemy attackers.


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