Blockchain games


Cryptocurrency, blockchain, tokens, and virtual coins are all words that are regularly mentioned in the Internet space and the media. Every day there are fewer and fewer people who would not use crypto on their own and even fewer of those who have yet to hear about such technologies. At the same time, the crypto industry does not stand still and spreads its influence to other online areas. Today we will talk in more detail about what blockchain games are, what relation blockchain games development has to cryptocurrencies.

What are games on Blockchain?

So, everyone knows what computer games are. Some have their universes with characters, rules, and laws. Many people enjoy immersing themselves in virtual worlds. However, with the advent of NFT in the game’s online world, you can also earn money. Such news did not just come to the liking of gamers from all over the world. Some people, according to statistics, have already moved from a simple pastime to “work” in online. To do this, they leave offline positions, immersing themselves in fulfilling the goals and objectives that will allow them to earn real money.

If you look at the report on the capitalization of games, you can see that today it exceeds $ 3.2 billion. The scheme is simple – “play and earn”. And experts predict that such games’ creation, opportunities, and popularization will only increase. How to create a game can be read here

Blockchain game: what you need to do

As soon as the blockchain as such appeared, games that would be associated with it began to come out after it. Many game worlds are built so gamers own some resources, lands, artifacts, and items of value. And it was the blockchain that made it possible to “fix” the right of ownership to a specific person. Consequently, if there is personal property, then commerce is also legalized. What the most popular games offer to do so that gamers can earn:

  • create monsters that can be bred in the future;
  • participate in battles, where during the battle or after winning it, you can receive valuables;
  • engage in agriculture – cultivate the land, grow products, sell them;
  • complete a quest for a reward.

In most games, you will need to deposit start-up capital. That is, enter the gaming space with finances in the form of cryptocurrencies. Assets will be required to buy the first players/territories/ammunition, further develop the available resources and increase profits.

Is it possible to reach a stable income?

And the question immediately arises – will the blockchain game be able to provide real income, or is it just a popular divorce scheme? To avoid going into theory, you can estimate the income of players who have already managed to try their hand at new blockchain games. Millions of users worldwide have divided billions of dollars among themselves over the past year. Yes, people not only earn but also spend because they often need some upgrades to win in the future and therefore make a profit. On average, the real income of mediocre players is $500-1000, and those who quit their main activity for the sake of a blockchain game on Android or PC are many times more.



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