BioWare’s Video Game ‘Anthem’ , Release date, Gameplay, Price, and Trailer


BioWare’s video game “Anthem” is an online multiplayer video game. Players assume the role of Freelancers on an unnamed planet. They are heroic adventurers and wear exosuits to defend humanity from the threats beyond their cities walls.

However, creation of Anthem is a mysterious and robust force responsible for amazing technology and risks in the world.

Release Date of Anthem Video Game

On 22 February 2019, the game released for Xbox One, play station 4 and Microsoft Windows.
BioWare’s video game will be your best experience with friends. Moreover, it is a game from Dragon Age and Mass Effect games where a single player is a priority.

Price of the Video Game and from where you can Buy?

BioWare’s video game Anthem is available on Amazon in 69.99(Euro).
Anthem is one of the favorite video game in the market. furthermore, it looks so impressive and handles the organic environment. Therefore, you can select your favorite Javelin and enjoy the game.


Anthem is a third person shooter game but, more focus on multiplayer “shoot and loot.” Everyone plays the role of a freelancer by wearing customizable exosuits that called Javelins. Exosuits have superhuman abilities and unique weapons.

In Microsoft’s E3 presentation, the group of javelins shown: Rangers that are fully covered Javelin, and the Colossus which is more heavily armored Javelin. Besides, one other Javelin is storm who use powerful technology.

Furthermore, players build a romantic relationship with other non- playable characters. Fort Tarsis is a point where the player goes and receive new missions and freelance fights.

Moreover, the game features single and multiplayer elements. Anthem is one of the best video game in which the single player in the top priority of the game. Every team consists of four members who explore the world and fight.


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