Billionaire Calvin Lo’s Philanthropy Approach

Calvin Lo’s Philanthropy

In the midst of the calamities, Covid-19 popped its head up from somewhere and spread to other parts of the earth, bringing with it all sorts of misfortunes. Let’s see billionaire Calvin Lo’s philanthropy approach.

At this stage of desperate cries for respite, philanthropy is needed to soften the hardship facing the world. I recently came across an article on The Peak Magazine Singapore where it discussed one particularly billionaire and his philanthropy think tank, The 195 Project. It appears that this initiative is ready to lend a helping hand and redefine what philanthropy stands for.

Fundamentals of The 195 Project

The name of the organization is The 195 Project, founded by Mr. Calvin Lo. The 195 Project has a purpose in mind; to pay attention to the actualization of a global economy that will be facilitated by think tanks of world leaders and wealthy entities who are interested in removing all forms of pain from humanity. 

The organization knows how important it is for leaders to give listening ears to the people who are at the lowest class, identify their personal benefits and inner yearnings, and collaborate to produce good results that will ensure everyone is comfortable. 

This is a platform created for every human being who cherishes humanity to intervene in the current quagmires across the globe and join the discussions to find lasting solutions to the problems at hand. We are all in this together, our friends, families, and co-workers, nobody is free from the pandemic.

The 1944 Bretton Woods Principles

The 195 Project is an initiative that was driven by an event of 1944, 76 years ago. It all began after World War II, on the 22nd day of July 1944, in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where 44 countries sent delegates to a special conference with one goal in mind; to review the agreements of the Bretton Woods.

At the meeting, some terms and conditions were drawn, bordering on creating one economy for the world where all the delegated countries present at the conference would use one financial idea. They hope to revamp the global economy (severely disorganized by the aftermaths of the war) through this system. 

Consequently, Mr. Calvin Lo, whose ideology symbolizes charity, held a crucial meeting with several economic experts, international relations professionals, philanthropists like himself, and leaders in financial management. As a result, the organization was formed.

The major focus is to achieve coordinated and organized research on the best techniques and steps on ensuring that the world economy is adaptable and responsive to present pandemic and COVID-19 challenges. The 195 Project observed that the principles designed during Bretton Woods Agreement more than 7 decades ago no longer apply to the world markets because of new circumstances and glaring incidences that are threatening the stability of the world.

Innovations are needed to help the new generation of vibrant youths who are busting with energy to succeed in life.

Leaders who know their roles as mentors to the youths in the business world have the responsibility of promoting capitalism in a compelling fashion that teaches philanthropy and financial prudence. To Mr. Lo, conscientiousness is key to leadership and humanitarian programs, and that is the watchword. 

“Our challenge is to demonstrate that the wealthiest 1% do have a conscience, and that success in business is less driven by zeros on a ledger, and more by the reward of seeing others lead better lives as a result of our good work,” said Calvin Lo, reiterating what conscience symbolizes in light of philanthropy.

Each passing decade witnessed incremental transformations that negate the Bretton Woods Agreement. Priority should be placed on the issues that emerged due to the coronavirus, and that is what Mr. Lo has listed at the top of his plans.

Interestingly, Mr. Lo’s penchant for charity was a family tradition that he inherited. The Lo family is known for their track record of benevolence for decades. He is not willing to shed off those traits. By utilizing the listening communication technique, he hopes to put smiles on the faces of the less-privileged whose means of livelihood are undermined.

“My company has not grown by addressing others. It has grown by asking questions of the right people and listening to others.”

Redefining philanthropy

The 195 Project is bound to surpass the expectations of people when the founder, Lo, has it at the back of his mind that both his existing and potential partners have the perfect understanding of their commitments to the projects. 

The organization is not after its own self-gravitation by appealing for charity but offering something tangible in return.

They may be interested in helping the government to reduce poverty, but they cannot do it by themselves, so The 195 Project is qualified to bring their philanthropic desires to reality.

With clear visions, strategies, strictures, and a roadmap for accomplishing set goals, the organization has the strong passion to make powerful efforts because only results can attract more partners. 

Invitations are also extended to anyone who shares the same passion, like you and me, regardless of our financial strength. 

If making the masses happy by offering comfort to ease their discomfort is the best way to bless humanity, then the 195 Project deserves all the supports it can get because it is what the world needs most at this trying time.

Unemployment among the youths is on the rise, narrowing the economy and tossing it to a dangerous cliff that can smash it into irreparable pieces. COVID-19 is all we needed to gauge the true essence of what we have lost.

The 195 Project is here to stay, and it can weather the storm if given the opportunity. This is an opportunity that allows philanthropists to exhibit their inner compassion for stability and peace in the world. We can do it with Calvin Lo, we can do it with The 195 Project.


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