Bill Skarsgard Already Has a Plan for “IT: Chapter 3”!

Bill Skarsgard Already Has a Plan for “IT: Chapter 3”!

It chapter 2
It Chapter 2 footage

IT Chapter 2 has been released, and fans have got the excitement for the second chapter. This has ended at some real part of the story. And you will see the dancing clown again in the next sequel.

However, you have to remember that IT is as much about the town of Derry as it is about the Losers Club. It’s about how the town adults were affected by the power of this cosmic entity. And it that they turned a blind eye to almost everything evil that is happening.

The quote from the book “The adults, who knew better, knew nothing” was really apt in this source material. Therefore, the decision to completely remove the “Scouring of Derry” at the end of the movie. And replaces it with an implosion of the house on 29 Neibolt St, complete with cheap effects work. You could imagine the epic conclusion it would otherwise have been.

The adult Losers Club was extremely well cast and the banter between Richie Tozer and Eddie. They create much levity throughout an almost long convoluted film. When Mike Hanlon sent each loser to gather elements for the Ritual of Chud individually is too lengthy. And it is where the movie can and should have cut its running time in favor of the adding of the souring of Derry epilogue.

But more thrill is remaining that will be shown in the next installment. And Bill Skarsgard is already making a plan for IT Chapter 3. And it is said that this sequel may get some different fun this time that is more than from the book. Therefore, thrill and fun may await you in the next sequel.

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