Biggest Discount On Black Friday For Smart Wearable Deals: Apple Wrist Watches

apple watch series 3 black friday deal

Prices are going to decrease because Black Friday 2018 is coming up. Big marts and stores introduce different products at the super discount. Apple products are known as a status symbol. It always occupies a standard place in people’s mind.

When it comes with a discount on black Friday then nobody can stop himself to buy. Black Friday provides you a chance to shop at the price that is never offered before.

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All the watches of Apple series 3 are available with a discount of $50. These are offered at very reasonable prices with the discount from 11th November. Multiple varieties in silver are also included from Aluminum to ceramic in different colors. Products of Nike+ are also on hand.

Silver color with sports band having a 38 mm case model of aluminum available at $229 rather than $279.

Pick up the wristwatch with 42mm case model in space grey color having matching sports band in just $259.

Cellular + Fancy GPS with 38mm case in space grey color. It also has a dark sports loop available at $329.

The same space grey color with dark olive sports loop but with a larger case of 42mm. Just buy it with some extra $30 in $359.

Stainless steel models of Apple wrist watches are also on hand in both large and small sizes. The black model having stainless steel with a black band the more classy watch is available at $529 only. Larger in size of 42 mm case model with the same color and sports band is available for $579.

Most top class watches includes ceramic case watches in grey color and white on Black Friday deals. The smaller case of 38mm is available at $1229 and a larger case of 42mm is available just for $ 1279.


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