Big Mouth Season 3 Is Airing On September-October 2019!

The release date of big mouth season just knows about the full story!

Big Mouth Season 3 Is Airing

This show is not even saying anything all that controversial so unless you are some right-wing nut job evangelical then you should not have an issue with this show.

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And guess what? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it. But saying the show is “ruined” by “getting political” is just bonkers. No one has a problem with any of this stuff except you.

And a handful of anti-common sense, right-wing psychos. Talking about Planned Parenthood in one episode does not ruin the show and neither does making a couple of anti trump jokes.

Anyone who thinks there are “radical political views” being displayed in the show is complete morons.

It’s just plain science and common sense so how the heck is that some sort of political thing? People deserve access to all forms of healthcare and they deserve to be able to protect themselves from the disease. Ignorance is not bliss. Its fragging 2019 people wake up!!

In Big Mouth Season 2 when the kids defeat the shame wizard by realizing they are not alone. They show the side that they are ashamed of.

People are anxiously waiting for its Big Mouth Season 3. People personally love this show and they hope it doesn’t get canceled for a long time. Yea sure it may be inappropriate but it actually swears less than teens these days!

Watch the full story in September-October 2019 having approximately 10 episodes.

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In season 3, the dad is a bit odd but what dad or mom isn’t! I think that parents should be more open minded and thank the creators of the Big Mouth for helping their kid get through teenage years because you can tell you myself it’s a nightmare!


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