6 Plugins Developers Should Use for Better Business Websites on WordPress

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Businesses are now depending much on their websites to reach out to a large number of customers and develop better expansion plans. The current trends in the marketing strategies are pointing towards responsive business sites that can evolve constantly to sync with the ever-changing demands. WordPress is a platform that can provide these benefits and, that too, in a cost-effective way.

WordPress is popular among entrepreneurs for its efficient templates that provide a basic premise for business needs. But it can be customized as well. How? Check out the plugins, some of them are free and for some, you have to shell out some money. They are effective and can give you just the website you want. These plugins developers are necessary for initiating a better WordPress development.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins can be defined as a software that contains a set of functions and can be added to the WordPress website anytime. Their primary job is to extend the functionality of the software and add new features to the website. This would help the website in performing specific tasks. The basic structure of these plugins is developed in PHP language, which lets it sync seamlessly with WordPress.

Why Do You Need Better Website to Handle Your Business?

There are several things that actually boost the visibility of a page and enhance the user experience. Both of these factors are quite important when it comes to building a sustainable business. Some statistics can help in a better understanding.

  • 38% of the users stop using a website if they find it poorly designed
  • 88% of the online consumers don’t return to a website if their experiences are poor
  • 57% of the users don’t recommend a website to their friends if the page does not open properly on mobile
  • In 2017, mobile had 52.64% of the total traffic share

These statistics are just a few from a huge pool just to prove how important website development is.

6 Plugins You Can Effectively Use to Design Business Websites

In WordPress, you can choose plugins from a vast variety containing over 55000 plugins. And, the number is rising constantly. However, you can start with a basic few to ensure your website can launch a business.

  1. WPForms

Websites need a contact form. If that page is easier to fill up, chances are high that the user experience would get enhanced. This plugin follows a drag and drop format to create contact forms like subscription forms, surveys, polls, etc.

And, it takes just a few clicks and you can create forms of your taste in 5 minutes. In the Pro version, it adds some features that help in generating leads as well, something you would definitely look for in your business.

  1. MonsterInsights

To work in sync with your clients you have to understand how they behave, how they react to your page. For that, you have to get into their brain. MonsterInsights give you that access. Don’t take it literally. It is a software that provides access to Google Analytics to let you know how people are reacting to your website and how they are using it. The more you know, the better your chances are to develop it in a user-friendly way. This can boost your website traffic.

  1. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is essential to create leads and expand the business. But why do you need Yoast SEO when WordPress itself is SEO-friendly? The answer is simple. Your competitors are probably using WordPress as well. Yoast SEO gives you some edge in the race. It is a holistic solution for all your business needs.

  1. Sucuri

With the growing inclusion of digitalization, demand for security is rising. After all, these websites are prone to hacker attacks. You can always rely on Sucuri. It provides a WordPress security plugin and a web application firewall. This tool knows how important it is for you to protect your customers’ information. A leak can dampen your market credibility.  

  1. RafflePress

Chances of better business increase with increased traffic. RafflePress can do that for you. If you want to increase social media followers and subscribers with virals and contests, this plugin could save the day.

  1. CSS Hero

Appearance creates the maximum impact. If you want your site to look cool, you can opt for CSS Hero. Themes in WordPress depend on CSS. CSS Hero allows you customization of themes and improves the WordPress development process.


These 6 plugins developers have a huge fan following. These can easily impact the way you plan WordPress development for your website. There are plenty more that can give you a supporting hand. WooCommerce is good for those who are setting up their e-commerce stores with WordPress. Nextiva, LiveChat, and many others are also impacting the development process. 


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