Best video editing apps

best video editing apps


While paid video editors are the best for editing any videos, people often search for free alternatives. Free and best video editing apps can be an excellent addition to your professional life when you want the work done instantly. Surely, Open software or freeware can provide quick fixes and edits in a short time. In contrast, paid tools tend to take quite a few times even to start.

However, there is a downside to every freeware application. In the best video editing apps, they earn money by ads, promoters, or subscriptions. But if you don’t mind some ads popping up during edits, then you can use these apps as long as you like. Furthermore, some video editing software also has a unique user interface. Therefore, free video editors can be the right choice if you simply want a few tweaks and save some money.

Why choose the free best video editing apps 

Firstly, there are quite a few explanations on why free video editing apps are always in demand. Firstly, it is because free video editors are still open to general users. Secondly, you have complete freedom over your software. That is,  you are free to edit the source code, know how the program works, and also put additive codes to improve user efficiency. 

Important to realize, we all want software that gives us complete freedom over what we do. So, developers have tried continuously to provide free alternatives to the paid video editors. Some video editors like the blender, VSDC, Opendshot, etc. can improve your edit quality to even professional levels. 

Top Free best Video Editing apps

There is a massive list of online software that can provide you with the best video edits surprisingly for free. In general, you will find desktop freeware to be more user friendly and power efficient. So without any further delay let us explore the most impressive free video editors 2020.

Blender Video editor

Firstly, Blender video editor software is an excellent alternative to Filmora, a paid video editor. So, it is one of the best multimedia editing apps in stores. Besides, you can install it on any desktop ranging from Windows, Mac, and even Linux.

If you are searching for an open-source program, then this free video editor is meant just for you. Significantly, Blender free video editor has a 3D animation suite, powerful tools, and an easy to use interface. Initially, this software was only a 3D animation creator, but now after every update, it is getting better and more efficient. However, it is advantageous in editing videos even when your desktop has low Memory or storage.

Provided that, Blender Video Editor gives you full control over your video cuts and splitting. Furthermore, you can mask your videos, preview live or even change display settings as you will. Particularly, you can change your background and create your perfect video clips. So, Blender video editor is a choice of the pros in all respects.

Features of Blender Video Editor 

Indeed, Blender’s free multimedia editor has tons of features for you to use. So, The features are,

  • Firstly a live preview setting and display tuning.
  • Secondly, Chroma vectorscope 
  • It has more than 30 slots for adding your multimedia.
  • Furthermore a full control over the video. (Speed control, layer adjustment, filters, etc.)
  • Additionally, Audio tuning and visualization 


Processor Requirement 64-bit dual-core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support. 
Minimum Ram 4 GB RAM.
Display Size 1280 x 768 minimum
Graphics Card 1 GB
OS support Windows, Mac, and Linux


Lightworks Video Editor

If you are trying to find a free video editor that can support your Windows, Mac or Linux then Lightworks is yours? So, now you have the latest version of Lightworks video editor. You will get a powerful machine with a total compact system. Furthermore, it is free if you prefer the free version with some minor ads. 

Additionally, Lightworks has the latest 4k video editor support that makes it one of the most desirable. Equally impressive is its other features. When compared to a pro like Blender, the Lightwork application kills the market. If you are a newbie, then you should certainly try the Lightworks video editor and check out some tutorials. 

Surely, the Lightworks video editor is built totally for Youtube and Vimeo users. However, you for other powerful edits like programs and marriages. This freeware comes with a lot of cool user-friendly features and will surely give you a professional finish. Again, if you want, you can always get the paid version of Lightworks with about 20 pounds. 

Traits of Lightworks free best video editing apps

In general, Lightworks is well known for its fun user interface and mesmerising features. Therefore, here are some special trails of Lightworks free video editor that will blow your mind.

  • Latest 4k video editing tool.
  • Advanced display settings to improve video quality.
  • It has multi-OS support. 
  • Preferred by all especially YouTubers. 
  • Quick, efficient, and powerful. 

About Lightworks

Ram Requirement  3 GB 
Graphics card NVIDIA or AMD 1 GB or higher. 
Display  2 high-resolution displays at 1920 x 1080.
CPU type Core I5-i7 1.8GHz
Disk storage 200 MB at least. 

Shortcut Editor best Video editing apps

Here is surely a wonderful video editor for users who want to save some cash on adobe products. Firstly, it is a free, open-source program that means you can edit or do whatever you like with it. This software features some of the newest video editing tools that are not found in other apps. 

Unlike Blender or Lightworks you don’t need to pay any premium subscription for unlocking any special feature. Furthermore, you can edit various video formats and upgrade your skills efficiently with the Shortcut video editor. But what if you have a Mac or Linux PC and you want Shortcut.  Don’t worry about it. Shortcut video editor supports both Linux and Mac. 

However, the most shocking features of this freeware are the 4k and timeline editor. Whereas, other free video editors ask for a payment before you start using them. But you will have all the features of Shortcut completely free of charge.

Some attributes of Shortcut free video editor

  • Native timeline editing feature pre-installed. 
  • A quirky interface that is super-efficient.
  • Furthermore, 4k video editing with maximum resolution support.
  • To save files, multiple format saving is there. 


File size 89.95 MB
Requirements: Windows-7 to 10. Mac, and Linux
Available languages English and additionally 7 more languages
Last updated June 17th 2019
Support 64-bit and 32 bit PCs.

iMovie for Mac best video editing apps

Formerly, iMovie has been a huge hit right after it was released in the year 1999. So, it is a classic video editor of all iOS users. But sadly, Windows and Linux users can’t use this video editor as this is strictly for Mac users. Therefore, if you use a Mac PC, then you are totally free to harness the powers of iMovie for yourself. 

In fact, iMovie is one of the most powerful video editors for Mac PCs out there. That is why many beginners used iMovie software to improve their basic video editing skills in Mac. After you have mastered this video editor, you can install another more professional video editor to suit your needs. 

To conclude, iMovie has many cool features that will clearly set your goals straight.  Additionally, it has a professional library transition, video editor, audio editor and more. Furthermore, it has a 4k video support combined with a split-screen editor. However, iMovie is very easy to use both in professional and normal usage. 

 Top features of iMovie

Indeed iMovie is well known for its easy user interface and light rendering. So, the most discussed features of iMovies are,

  • Fast video trimming
  • Audio editing, enhancing, and retouching. 
  • Easy access.
  • 4k video editing.
  • Pre-made transitions library. 

Things about iMovie

Released Date 1999
4k Support  Available
Supported Device Mac and iOS
Developers Apple
Version available  Free or Paid

Openshot for PC

Openshot is for example a free software for PC that will make your life a little more exciting and fun. Indeed, you will find Openshot as an alternative to iMovie for Windows users. In fact, it is totally similar to iMovie in terms of features and users. But once you go deeper, you will find Openshot more unique and vast. 

Eventually, you will find an Openshot to be more advanced in terms of performance and user experience. Furthermore, you will get an unlimited tracks/layers support and Clip resizing feature. When you want to edit your videos professionally, you can trim, rotate, cut, or scale it in every way possible. 

In conclusion, the Openshot for PC is highly efficient and full of features. So, you want an alternative to any paid video editor, then download it as soon as possible. 

Key Features

  • Tacks and Layer usage: Unlimited
  • Photo Editing: Resizing, Scaling, Trimming, snapping, rotating, etc.
  • Video format: Multiple formats. 
  • Advanced timeline edit: Drag, Drop, scroll, pan, Zoom and more. 


Original author(s) Jonathan Thomas
Stable version Version 2.5.1 
Last updated March 3, 2020
Developer(s)‎: OpenShot Studios, LLC
Support device Windows, Mac, and Linux



What are the best free apps for video editing?

Firstly, there are tons of free video editing software out there. But unfortunately, not all of them support the same operating system. In short, the free and best video editing apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux are Quik, Openshot, Lightworks, and Magisto. 

What do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

If you are a YouTuber, then you should probably use paid video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. But not all of us can effort paid applications, and so we tend to use cracked or free video editors. Again, if you want a free video editor, then it is better to get iMovie or Openshot. 

What are some cool video editing apps?

The internet is probably filled with thousands of video editing applications, but not all feature the same. If you are a professional or a trainee, then it is best to stick with paid software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Filmora. Again you can also utilise the free and best video editing apps like iMovie, Quik, kineMaster, etc. 

How can I edit a video professionally for free?

Editing your videos with a professional touch can’t surely get any easier. So, download some free video editing software like Blender, Lightworks, or Shotcut to enhance your videos. In fact, you will always get a perfect professional finish if you use this software. 

Is Adobe Premiere Pro free?

In fact no. Adobe Premiere Pro is another paid software with tons of features and uses. But you can still use Premiere Pro for free with its free trial feature. But it is just for a hard few days of utilisation.

What are the best video editing apps paid? 

Surely if you want to improve your video editing skills and to be a professional editor, you should definitely use these apps below. The best video editing apps paid are,

  • Adobe Premiere
  • iMovie
  • WeVideo
  • Filmora

Wrapping up with the best video editing apps

To conclude this article on the best video editing apps, I would say that the internet is full of applications. But we have tried to get the finest free video editors for your benefit selectively. Therefore, after reading this article, you will need any other video editors on your PC.

Altogether, if you use this software collectively, you will not even need any other paid software. So, bye for now. And if you have questions, then please let us know. 




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