Best Discord Servers: What are They and How to Use? [Updated 2021]

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Looking for a great server to join? Want to create your own server? Just curious? Then you’ve come to the right place. I have compiled a list of the best discord servers here. So, what do you think of it? Get started now.

Also, note that this can be simply my opinion as an energetic member of the discord community. They’re conjointly not within the correct order. They are also not in the correct order. I’m just going to list the highlights of these servers, which is what makes them so great.

Is Discord a good place to make friends?

At Discord, you can make many friends and meet wonderful people from all over the world. It is a place to meet and have fun, and especially to make new friends. It is also a great platform for gaming and anime fans.

The best Discord servers to find friends

Here is a list of the best Discord servers to find friends:

The dream world of frogs

Frogs Dream World is a global emote server that is part of the Dream World network. These are emoting that anyone can use in Discord without Nitro. The only condition is that you must be on the server that offers these emotes. This is one of the best discord servers that is always given when people ask for global emote servers.

Its global symbols

Since the Frog Dream World (FDW) is part of the Dream Network, it is connected to other communities such as the Slippy’s Dream World or the Skarz Dream World. You meet a person on one server and suddenly you can find them on a completely different one. This is very likely because there are more than 150,000 people in the FDW.

The avalanche of participants was so great that they had to cancel almost a quarter of their offer to make room for new users. These emote are in high demand! This server is a must for those who collect global emotes. The server is geared towards global emotes, but that doesn’t mean it is the only purpose of the server. Whenever the server is active, it is a nice place to hang out and a great place to meet other people. You can’t miss this server. The dream world of frogs is one of the best discord servers for you.


ChillZone is one of the most active topicless best discord servers. As of October 29, more than 14 million messages had been posted in the general channel alone. By comparison, Discord’s largest server, Fortnite, has only sent 4.4 million messages in the general channel and it is also one of the best discord servers. ChillZone (CZ) is a great place to meet new people and relax when bored. With over 40,000 users at present, there are plenty of men and women to chat with. The chat room is rarely empty and there are always people to chat with. CZ is popular among different age groups and attracts a lot of people.

This discussion can sometimes be very fast

It’s worth checking out if you like the atmosphere. Very active servers don’t attract many people and don’t keep them hooked for anything. However, if you’re not interested in this type of chat, you can also look into affiliate channels. Their affiliate category is essentially a directory of hundreds, if not thousands, of different popular servers that you can join instantly. Even if you’re not a fan of that server, you’re likely to find one you like. ChillZone is one of the best discord servers for all users.

Quantum Laboratories

Quantum Labs is an emotionless server with over 100,000 participants. The service is well organized and very professional. It will appeal to those who appreciate organization and attention to detail. Quantum Labs is another server that is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with endless conversations. There is always someone to talk to here, which makes this server very popular. This server is also one of the most modern servers in the world with more than 20 emulators.

Its global symbols

Quantum Labs also offers a unique currency system. If you have enough money, you can buy Spotify Premium or a $20 Steam card. If you want to join a mature and active community and enjoy more than 20 global emoticons. Quantum Laboratories is an emotionless server and one of the best discord servers for you.


The Daddy server is one of the most active best discord servers. It is a communication server based mainly on voice channels. The particularity of this server is that it is intended for users who like to communicate by voice. With more than 20 voice channels that never run out, the Daddy server is the best place to communicate with others by voice. There are usually more than 60 people on the voice channels at a time. So, you have many different rooms where you can chat with a wide variety of people. If you prefer to chat in text mode, that’s okay too, because text chat rooms rarely die. In total, more than 9 million messages have been sent in the room. However, its main attraction lies in the voice channels. Here is a summary of the voice channels as of 9 a.m. ET.

Your voice channels

If that doesn’t give you an idea of how active their voice channels are, let me tell you this. Voice channels never go away. The Daddy server is essentially the language version of chat and offers a truly unique experience. Like ChillZone, their affiliate channel functions as a directory for many different servers. If you’re not happy with this server, you can always visit the partner section and find a server that suits you.

AnimeBase (WLA)

The WLA is one of the largest anime communities on Discord. It is another server that is still active. If anime is your thing and you want to meet people who share your interests, this is a really cool place. With its ambitious and forward-thinking owners, the server has recently unveiled plans to bring together anime fans from all over the Internet.

One of the recent announcements made by the owners

The WLA also includes an exciting streaming feature that allows streamers to present their broadcasts on Discord. The innovative and ambitious owners aim to create the ultimate server for anime fans. The server will soon reach 100,000 members, which gives an idea of the size of the anime community. WLA plans to create a great future for anime fans on the Internet, and if you like anime, you’d be making a mistake if you don’t join this server! AnimeBase (WLA) is one of the largest anime communities on Discord and best discord services.

Slippy’s dream world

As a part of the Dream World server network, Slippys Dream World may be an international best discord server without themed emotes that provide an active community AND over twenty themed emotes. If you are active on Discord, there is a 99% chance that you have already seen someone using one of their emotes. Take a look at the image below to see some examples of what their themed emotes look like.

All of his global emotions are linked to Pipo

These are very popular and appreciated global emotes. Slippys Dream World (SDW) is also still active and has many people to chat with. SDW has recently reached 200,000 subscribers, which is the maximum limit the Discord server can currently handle. The demand for these emotes is high! After all, it’s not for nothing that the maximum limit of the number of participants a server can support has been reached, right? Slippy’s dream world is one of the best discord servers.

Vibe Empire

Weeb Empire is another very active best discord server. This server is for anime fans. If you didn’t like WLA, this server is worth it. Weeb Empire moves away from the family-friendly atmosphere of WLA and offers a quieter space. Note that there are two public NSFW categories on Weeb Empire. If you like that, great! If not, you should avoid this server. The server has an active community with a general chat room that is almost always active. Their shared channel contains a total of about 3.6 million messages. If you are a Weeb and are looking for an active chat with other Weebs, join the 50,000 members Weeb Empire! It’s definitely worth going there and spending some time to see if you like it. The sever is one of the best discord servers.

How can I make more friends on Discord?

To add a new friend directly, you have to open the Discord application on your mobile device and then select the “Friends” tab in the bottom menu. To add a new friend to Discord, simply click on the “Add friend” icon in the upper right corner.

We hope to have contributed to broaden your network and to have made new and interesting friends.

How to use Discord server search

Discord servers are mainly progressive virtual discussion forums with more choices like voice chat, system notifications, and application support for computers and smart devices. You can get hundreds of millions of Discord servers on nearly every topic believable, from Discord analysis servers to play and anime servers.

The easiest way to find Discord public servers is to use the server search built into the Discord desktop application. This article is for you since we have written some of the best discord servers.

Looking for best Discord servers for game?

If you are looking for the best Discord servers for the game, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we introduce you to some of the most interesting game servers to help you find a community of gamers to chat and play with.

Whether you are a large and popular server or a small to medium-sized server community, there is sure to be a server for you.

1. The grouping

If you’re looking for a server with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, Pandemonium is a great server for gamers, and it’s located in the UK! I love the cool and friendly atmosphere of this server, and there are plenty of events for anyone interested in the game!

They have a great host committee or team that helps distribute tasks, etc., and they are very friendly.

I also liked the variety of language channels the server offers, from games to social channels, etc. All in all, I can only recommend this server. The grouping is one of the best discord servers for the game.

2. Grove Gaming

This is an imaginary server for anyone finding excessive events. It is a positive, welcoming community.

Last week we had competitions in Rocket League, Roblox, Jackbox, and Kahoot! No matter what games you like, there’s sure to be an event for you!

There is a wide variety of games and types of events here, so I recommend you join us and see if there are events for the games you like. This server is considered one of the best discord servers for games.

3. A friendly kingdom

Friendly Realm is a very relaxed server with great events and gameplay discussions. What I like most about this server is the great attitude towards people, everyone is very nice to each other and generally very friendly. Some servers get very quiet after a while and show almost no activity, but this server is always very active and there is always something new to discuss or participate in.

They have a really positive atmosphere, which is always a fantastic facet for the server as a whole, as it leads to more fun. Among the best discord servers, A friendly kingdom is one for the game service.

4. Opening of the Guild of Discord

Here’s a tip to help you find even more game servers. You may already know it, but I thought it would be useful to list it here, as those who don’t know it may find it useful.

You can find more servers to join by logging into Discord, in the “Guild Discovery” section. There, some of the biggest Discord servers are presented, mainly in-game.

Most of the servers are official servers for games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Valorant. So expect them to be very busy, with some servers sending dozens of messages per second. For this reason, it’s often a bit harder to meet people on the big servers, but it’s still worth going there.

There are over 400 game server to choose from, so take a look around, you’ll never know which servers you’ll want to join!

Find more servers with Discord Guild Discovery! Find more servers with Discord Guild Discovery! Opening of the Guild of Discord is also considered as one of the best discord servers.

5. Cherry Blossom Island

This server is an amazing server for those looking for gaming channels and events. With tons of gaming channels to choose from, this server offers an exceptional selection. You will be found Cherry Blossom Island as one of the best discord servers.

I found the staff to be always available and always proactive and helpful to others.

How to find the best Discord servers?

Here are the best ways to find the best Discord servers that match your interests.

1) Search for servers through best Discord servers directory

Whether you use the Discord web app or the Discord app on your phone, look in the left column. Click on it and you will be redirected to the official Discord server directory.

On the main catalog page, you will find the most popular servers, such as the official Fortnite server or the official Minecraft server. They have hundreds of thousands of members. Those are among the biggest on Discord.

If you want to check out a server, hover your mouse over its name and you will see a blue button that says View. Click it to access the server you want to check out before deciding whether to join. If you like what you see, you can join the server by clicking the “Join Server” button at the bottom of the screen. Or, click Back to Discovery to return to the server directory.

You can also use the catalog search bar to find servers on specific topics. You can also use the drop-down menu to search for servers in a specific language. This article is contributed for you since we have written some of the best discord servers.

2) Search for Discord servers through the Disboard website

You can get an alternative way to find the best discord servers to use the Disboard website. Disboard offers a list of Discord servers for all kinds of topics, including many gaming communities and anime and manga fan bases. It also has a list of servers for topics such as music, technology, movies, memes, and role-playing games.

To find a server, you can search the Disboard catalog using the categories and popular tags on the home page. Categories appear in light blue, popular tags in green. Click on a topic to open a list of the best Discord servers.

After clicking on a topic, you will see additional information about each server listed, such as its name, a star rating of user comments, a description of the server, and the number of people currently online. You will also see a flag indicating the language of the server and an icon at the bottom if it is a server where NSFW content is allowed.

You can also enter a term in the search bar to find servers on that topic. For more personal recommendations, click on the “Testimonials” button at the top of the website to view user comments on the various servers. This article is for you with some of the best discord servers.

When you have found a server you like, click on the “Join this server” button at the bottom of the message and you will be directed to an invitation page where you can register on the server.

3) Search servers with Discord Me

Another website that contains a list of Discord servers is This site focuses more on a list of anime servers, but there are also many lists of games, entertainment and social categories.

To find a server, you can browse the most popular servers on the home page. You can also use the Categories drop-down menu at the top of the page to search for a server by category, for example, Anime, Cryptocurrency, Cybersports, Education or Games. Click on a category name to bring up a list of top servers in that category.

The left menu also has a fun random function that is accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. This allows you to access random information about the server from the directory.

You will see some servers as Platinum or Gold with a sign in the upper left corner. But don’t worry, as a user you don’t have to pay to access a server. The Platinum or Gold labels indicate that the server owner has paid to advertise their server on, but you can still use it for free.

After clicking on the server name, you will see the category information, server information and a banner image. Click Join server to go to the Discord invitation page, from where you can join the server. This article is for you since we have written some of the best discord servers.

4) Find Discord servers on your favorite websites

Another way to find servers is to search for servers run by your favorite websites or technology influencers.

The popular technology forum Linus Tech Tips, for example, has its own Discord server where you can find information about hardware, games, etc. Other sites have Discord servers exclusively for specific groups of fans, such as Patreon supporters.

This is a good way to visit people who play the same games as you play as many Twitch streamers also have their own Discord servers. Check the websites you regularly visit to see if they mention a Discord server.

How to find private Discord servers

In addition to public servers, there are also private Discord servers that require an invitation. Invitations to private servers are often found on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Steam.

These servers typically have between 50 and 500 users, so they are much smaller than large public servers. This means they are less active, but they may also have a better sense of community. If large servers seem impersonal or dramatic to you, a small private server might be to your liking.

If you’re looking for game servers, Reddit is a good place to start. You’ll find a link like that you can click on that will take you to the landing page. Click the “Accept Invite” button to access the server.

When you arrive on the server, read the rules and guidelines. Some private servers need a message from the mod. You have read the rules in the message before you can enter the rest of the networks. This article is for you since we have written some of the best discord servers.

Search the best discord servers as your interests

There are Discord servers for almost every interest imaginable, and you can use these methods to find one that suits you.

If you are a Discord player, you can also visit the Steam-style Discord game store, where you will find a wide variety of games.


Discord is a great place for anonymous discussions. Discord gives you the opportunity to meet and chat with thousands of people at the click of a button. That’s why I have compiled this list. Most of the best Discord servers have similar strengths, such as active communities, unique experiences, and emotes to add to your emoticon arsenal. If you haven’t found the right community yet, don’t stop looking. Search the ChillZone and Daddy partner directories, check the home pages, ask your friends for recommendations, and don’t give up. It will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for reading.

Apart from it, you can read more of our Technology articles.


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