Best And Newest Vaporizer Features For 2021 (And Into The Future)

Best And Newest Vaporizer Features For 2021 (And Into The Future)

Here’s to the future of vaporizers, and to the inventiveness of crafters who have been able to add vape features unseen before. A Vaporizer with swappable ovens? Get out! Preloadable ovens? Longer battery life? they keep coming. And these have captured the world’s eye, so much so that many of these modern vaporizer features have been lauded for their brilliance in creativity and in function. 

How about the newest features of the newest vapes by far? Take a whiff (purposeful pun here). 

Newest Features Of The Year’s Newest Vapes

Medical-Grade Materials 

You’d think that this should already be at the top of the list of features with vapes from of old. But the fact is that it isn’t so. Not until now, at least. Medical grade materials for vape pens is quite new in the field, although we’re thankful it’s finally becoming the standard. 

“Medical grade” is the phrase used to describe matter that’s deemed safe for healthcare and medical use. You may ask, “what does this have to do with cannabis vaping?” And a very apt inquiry at that, by the way. 

The answer is quite simple. But the “why” of it is much more significant than many seem to realize. Vapes composed of medical-grade components give you the assurance that whether now or far into the next few years, said components will not become toxic. Or that these components will not affect the chemicals of the cannabis products you will use. Follow the link for more information on your options and what to expect as you narrow them down to make up your mind.

Colour-Coded Nib Packs 

Who knew that this was something we’d actually need (and want) for our vaporizer kit? Colour-coded nib packs! A bit of quick-organizing apropos of vaping? Sign us up! And why haven’t we had this before? 

Well, the past has passed. The present (and future) of vapes shows us that nib packs are important for true cannabis-vaping pros and devotees. Those who carefully select cannabis strains and product-types to appreciate the aroma and the variety of each one. 

You can pack dry herbs and concentrates of various cannabis strains in differently-coloured nib packs. This way, it’ll be super convenient to pull out the pack that holds the specific type of herb you want to vape. Apart from that, you can separate fresh greens from ones that have already been spent to the maximum.

Ceramic Cooling Coil 

It’s all about the details, right? Hello, attention-to-detail in ceramic cooling coils! The perfect addition to a calibre vape. Its function? To help you avoid any draw-resistance. Draw-resistance usually means a more difficult time drafting. Vaporizes that, unfortunately, carry this factor are tedious to vape. They require tougher sustained inhales. 

Otherwise stated, a cooling coil also lets airflow be as stable as possible.

What’s more, ceramic cooling coils now exist. Their stainless steel cousins are still reliable. Don’t get us wrong. But “ceramic” is more promising in terms of numerous factors— their physical stability or durability over time, resistance to extreme temperatures, inertness or the capacity to remain unchanging and to not change any substance it comes into contact with. 

It’s also biocompatible. This means that human beings can utilize them without incurring harmful elements from the ceramic cooling coil itself.  All of these are what make ceramic cooling coils a must-have in our books. 



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