Benjamin Moore Dove White : The Best Neutral White Paint

Benjamin Moore Dove White

Moore Benjamin White Dove is generally white, elegant paint color. You might think, ah yeah, it’s only another white paint. So, what makes it so different, aren’t all colors white the same? But there is a difference between other white paints and Benjamin Moore Dove White.

Sure, all-white color paints might seem identical, but they aren’t. Whites come in various sections, including cold whites, warm whites, and real whites. However, the favorite warm white paint is Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Dove White is a favorite decorator white for its timeless beauty and soft white hue.

White Dove is incredibly flexible and works well to shine up every room without being too tough for molding, trimming, doing, and even for walls or exteriors. Keep reading the content for knowing more about this fantastic paint color.

What texture of color?

Benjamin Moore Dove White is an off-white, gentle and creamy paint. White Dove is very neutral when it comes down to white color paints. Staying neutral, we mean, it’s not warm or cold, it’s not white.

White Dove seems completely like a normal, old, and dull white paint at first glance. But there’s far more to this particular white than to the average sight and good for you, we shall discuss some of its features.

The Features That You Would Like in Benjamin Moore Dove White:

  • It has almost no yellow, unlike many other white colors.
  • This color is the neutral kind, practically working with all types.
  • White Dove looks great in traditional farmhouses and cottages.
  • There is either a cool, strong white or a beige, warm white. This is why so many professional designers enjoy it.
  • Particularly on trim, INS, doors, and baseboards installed. Only if you have selected a white paint other than the White Dove for your work would I not suggest this perfect color for your cutting work.

Where can you apply this Benjamin Moore White Dove paint? 

In Kitchen: You should use white to make it look simple and classical in your kitchen. Whether it’s your cooking cabinets or the walls that you choose, White Dove will refresh your room, making it refreshing, airy, and bright. White color kitchens remain here and Benjamin White Dove Moore is an extraordinary white color option.

Into Walls: It makes your home walls the perfectly neutral and soft background for your whole decor. If space does not meet the right requirements, other white paints on your home wallsshall look gray, dark, and dull. When there is a lot of natural light, white walls shine as their best.

On Exterior Walls: The outside of your house is another spectacular spot to use White Dove. It has that gray touch in it that keeps it from looking too blindly luminous.

In-Ceiling: For many people, ceilings appear to be optional. We still concentrate too much on selecting the right hue that everything else is thrown to the back burner. Let’s not take away the space of these ceilings. It’s a white color, but not all white colors are produced equally, as we have already mentioned. White Dove would be an excellent color choice for ceiling paint, especially for painters such as Agreeable Gray, Rest Gray, and Revere Pewter.

Which trim color is perfect with Benjamin Moore Dove White walls?

When you fix upon painting your home walls with the amazing Benjamin Moore Dove White. You could get trapped with which paint to choose as the trim.

White Dove is a perfect trim color for the dove white home walls. No, it’s not a different type. The similar paint can be used as the trim and on the walls. Using a flat smooth finishing on the walls and another semi-gloss like trim to add a little change. This makes a little variationamong the two.

If you suggest that using Dove White is a little too patchy for both trims and walls, you can use Simply White Benjamin Moore. Although it still has a white, lighter hint, it has a gentle warmness that matches wonderfully with Dove White.

A paint like Classic Gray BM (OC-23) is also a great trim color choice for white dove walls. White Dove works nicely alongsidethe light gray hue and subtle warmth.

Is Benjamin Moore Dove White suitable for use on the wall?

White Dove is a good color for the wall. You will love to add Dove White in the trim, walls, corridors, and even on the outside of our home.

You should choose a smooth, matte, or even an eggshell finish when using White Dove on walls. Among the three, the eggshell has the largest brilliance, followed by matt, then flat. If you are concerned about wiping marks off the wall, choose White Dove’s matte or egg-shake finish.

Can you use a Benjamin Moore Dove White on the trim?

Yes, you can trim a white dove. For trimming, use satin, semi-gloss, gloss, or high glass when using White Dove.

Satin is the absolute lowest gloss you want for a white door or trim. Timing like baseboards or chair rails are often struck with feet, and smooth or even matte paint is extremely difficult to clean. The more glossy the finish, the more easily stains or traces can be wiped.

Simply white vs. Benjamin Moore Dove White

  • Although Simply White and White Dove both are in the color family of “white,” they are very different whites. Simply White, Benjamin Moore’s OC-17, has a 91.7 LRV which reflects rather more light than the 85 White Dove LRV.
  • There’s a notable contrast between the two, paired side by side. In reality, just white looks like a genuine white, while a white dove looks like a light beige next to just white.
  • Even though Simply White has fewer beige undertones than White Dove, it still works well on walls and bases and trims in particular. Just simple white is lighter white than White Dove, and if you were going really to have the bright white look, I would go over White Dove with Simply White.
  • Notice that you need a decent amount of natural light to make Simply White look fluffy because it is cooler than White Dove.

Swiss coffee vs. Benjamin Moore Dove White

  • Although the Swiss Coffee LRV is similar to the White Dove LRV, the colors vary greatly when compared. Swiss Coffee, Benjamin Moore’s OC-45, possesthe LRV of 83.93.
  • The yellowest shade exists in Swiss coffee. The hue of the paint almost had traces of gold. Though still a white coffee, Swiss Coffee is very, very tender yellow-beige. Swiss Coffee also has more beige and yellow undertones, coupled side by side with White Dove.
  • The Swiss coffee is still a beautiful ‘white’, which works fine for trimming, and wall paint, it isn’t near to a real white like some of the other colors I have looked at.
  • Swiss coffee can read closer to true white in a home with plenty of natural light than in a house with less natural white light. If you are concerned about the lack of natural light that gives Swiss Coffee a yellow shade, I suggest painting a test area and noting how the color looks during the day before moving on.

Tips for Painting with Benjamin Moore Dove White Natural Paint

  • Look together at paint colors. Don’t choose a white color you think you would like and paint it alone. Paint together multiple colors to see how they perform and how they take on their undertones.
  • Maintain light-reflective color qualities in mind to help direct you. All LRVs of colors of paint you can search and buy from online
  • Don’t first choose a paint color, particularly a white color. Notice that most white shades of paint are not real “whites.” Choose your fixed components first, such as tiles, countertops, or floors, until you choose a white color paint.
  • The sun exposure in your home plays a major part in how White Dove looks in your home. The only way to know how it looks is to paint a sufficiently large sample in the room and watch the color look during the day and at night.
  • The overhead lights will also affect how White Dove appears on the walls in terms of illumination. For this reason, we suggest that lighting fittings be in place before you paint, so you can see how the color of the paint looks with your lighting. White Dove can look too yellow, with some lighting choices.

Things to consider when selecting

Natural light: The white dove can handle warm light with a light gray undertone, but it might not be the best option for a darker room facing north. Keep in mind the color changes from space to space.

Kitchen appliances color: White Dove tends not to match with appliances in white kitchens because they are always a lighter white dove. However, it fits very well with stainless steel.

Floors color: Light bounces off other surfaces that also subtly change the color of the walls. Keep this in mind if you have large floors.

Ceiling color: If your ceiling is predominately white, you would want to paint it in a flat finish the same color as your trim, or the room will look unjointed. On the other hand, go to your ceiling with a very different hue, like a light blue.


The versatility of this color is so attractive, it is no wonder it’s on the best-selling list of Benjamin Moore Dove White. The little warmness together with this grain of gray makes working with and combining lots of other colors simple.

This neutral and creamy off-white color is also the ideal background to highlight every type of decor. The decoration stands out as the protagonist of the event and allows you to change the decor without any constraints.

So, this is the reason we finally recommend this white paint to our customers. Especially in the search for the gorgeous white for cabinets and kitchens.



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