Bella Hadid’s latest Transformation, Fans Compared Supermodel to Alien

bella hadid alien

Bella Hadid recently shared her makeup transformation pictures on Instagram. She got more than 290 thousands likes for this picture. Many fans liked her image and admire the way she changed herself in a way that no one can recognize her really.

However, there are some fans who commented “Crazy” and “Alien at large” on her photos.

Honestly, when I first looked at this image which has caption Character #777 then I thought that Bella is becoming a part of Star Trek movies or she has a plan to play a role in Alien movies.

She wore middle-parted shiny red bob cut wig. She changed her natural eye color into whitish-grey eyes with contact lenses. Supermodel did a weird eye makeup where she applied eye-liner with flick on her lower and upper eyelid.

Even she opted for green neon manicure that makes a combination with her red wig. The bright makeup has changed facial feature to a great extent and if you don’t know model before then you might not get an idea who she is.

Her lilac eyeshadow over a flick blackish eyeliner is making her eyes look bigger. She choose matte brown lipstick while you can see very dark pink blush on her sculpture cheeks.

One friend commented , “Love Transformation”. Other commented with  fire emoji and another wrote “Obsessed”.


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