bella hadid

Bella shared a sun-soaked picture of herself in a swimsuit.  We often see her in a swimsuit, but this one is not ordinary. She appeared in a slate gray one-piece by Heart of Sun Swim. This sexy dress is featured with tie-belt and an extreme’s 80s time French cut. She was looking so hot in this suit while showing the plenty of her torso.

This swimsuit is half of the size of a normal bathing suit where lower half has a sexy French cut revealing lower skin. If you are interested in her bath dress, then you can grab it under $200.
It’s not the first time she appeared in a swimsuit. Before that, she bore a very revealing white polka dot bikini and also a green, blue, and black graphics suit with a cut-out at the midriff. Both dresses made her look stunning due to the uber high cut.
The trend of French cut and deep cut swimsuit is back. We already seen many celebrities with the same cut. The most noteworthy is Kim Kardashian, who spotted with a highly-priced archival bathing suit from 90s.
If you want to follow Bella Hadid, then you should grab the same French Cut or Uber Cut swimsuit for your next swim-day plan.

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