Being Mary Jane: Cancelled or Renewed for Season Five on BET?

Being Mary Jane season 5 renewed or canceled or what about the finale!

Being Mary Jane

BET has recently declared about the last episode of Being Mary Jane. This series of the show has released wonderful and astonishing its four seasons. The Being Mary Jane was firstly released in January 2014.

The series always depicts life to a certain degree. And most importantly, the Mary Jane character is very complex and how beautifully she performs. As she is the backbone of her family. A complicated and unpredictable woman in Gabriella has shown out the real side of intelligent, independent and strong sophisticated women out here as Mary.

The show also keeps up the good work showing the different aspects of our society. And if it will end then it is a very bad aspect for the fans. The viewers are not like to close this series as they are addicted to this.

Therefore, fans are now looking for a definite new about the closing or remaking the show. The answer to this question is no. The show is not showing another season for the show. In the month of October 2017, it was officially announced for two consecutive episodes of the show as a finale. And this finale would be coming out in 2018.

However, BET did not make the finale for Being Mary Jane and the date was postponed to 2019. The last of 2017, BET announced that the final episode would be released on 16th April 2019. Later on, on 1st April 2019, BET again postponed the date to 23rd April 2019.

Being Mary Jane Cast

The cast includes the following characters in it.

  • Richard Roundtree
  • Margaret Avery as Helen Patterson
  • Lisa Vidal as Kara Lynch
  • Margaret Avery as Helen Patterson
  • Latarsha Rose as Dr. Lisa Hudson
  • Aaron D. Spears as Mark Bradley.

Updated on 25 April 2019

The finale for Being Mary Jane has been released and fans were very excited and have enjoyed a lot the finale of Being Mary Jane. But the adventure of the decision taken by Being Mary Jane was not uncovering. Well at the finale the Being Mary Jane has a happy ending in her life.

However, the tweet also reveals that the show has been completed successfully and has achieved high ranking as always. But besides all, after ending the fans were depressed as they have nothing more for the story.


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